The use of meal prevention partition, really useful? Experts: 1 more thing to do to strengthen protection

In order to prevent spattering during meals, many restaurants have erected anti-epidemic partitions to do their part to prevent epidemics. How can foodies protect themselves?

The epidemic is affecting us, so we can use masks to protect ourselves from droplets. But you still have to take off your mask when you eat, how can you protect your meal against the epidemic?

Caterers suggest adding dividers to dining tables. Since then, when you enter a restaurant, you can often see that a piece of partition is installed on the table to avoid spreading the droplets to each other when eating at the same table.

The new coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets and contact, so the installation of partition can effectively block droplets, which is effective for epidemic prevention. Like our current intubation box, it is also made with the concept of partition.

The partition does have a considerable degree of protection, in fact, it is more recommended that the restaurant will be farther apart, because the use of the partition actually can not be farther apart, if the customer sneezed, the partition may not be able to completely block the droplets, it is safer to be farther apart, or both.

Under what circumstances are spacers not useful?

There is one situation that may reduce the protection of the partition, and that is when the partition is not disinfected before and after use. Although the partition can block the droplets of the next person, but I am afraid it can not avoid the contact with the droplet secretions of the previous and subsequent users, even though the droplets are attached to the partition, the next user may still inadvertently touch it, and then contact the mouth and nose, and suffer from infection.

It is worth noting that as the epidemic heats up, many people who work remotely or are closed from work and school will return home, causing the spread of the epidemic. During this period, it is recommended to avoid eating indoors in restaurants and take out is a better choice. If you eat indoors in a restaurant, you should sterilize it, bring your own utensils and avoid conversations.

Caterers should do a good job of cleaning, pulling high cleaning frequency, like tables, door handles, menu and other surfaces that customers or employees often touch, and provide employees with cleaning and disinfection supplies, disinfection paper towels, alcohol hand sanitizer, require employees to pay attention to hand cleaning, clean up and delivery room to wash their hands or disinfection with alcohol, when adjusting the immediate food, should wear disinfected gloves or disinfection of hands, restaurants should also pull the customer dining distance.

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