Should I drink sports drinks when I sweat a lot every day? Read these 3 myths first

The temperature is rising, just walking from home to the bus stop is full of sweat, not to mention that in this kind of weather sports or work outside, heat stroke, dizziness, loss of appetite is like a daily routine. Sweating so much, just drink water enough? Do you need to drink sports drinks to replenish electrolytes or not? Is it too late to drink after exercise? Wouldn't it be healthier and hydrating to drink juice?

Q1: I sweat a lot every day, should I drink sports drinks?

Whether you should drink sports drinks or not depends on the intensity, time and purpose of the exercise. If it is a half-hour exercise such as running, drinking water during and after the exercise is fine, so there is no need to intentionally supplement sports drinks. If it is a race or high-intensity exercise that lasts for more than an hour, or you sweat a lot, you need to supplement salt, but the sodium content of sports drinks in the market is generally insufficient, so you may make your own, which can save money and is easy to use.

Homemade sports drinks are super easy to make, suitable for those who want to hydrate and maintain their strength during sports. Just combine 80g of sugar + 3.5g of salt + 1 liter of water, and you're done. Salt can replenish electrolytes and retain water for the body to avoid dehydration, heat cramps, weakness, dizziness and cramps, while sugar can help maintain sports performance and physical fitness. The University of Bath found that cyclists who drank sugar-based water had more stable blood sugar and better performance on long-distance exercise over 2 hours compared to their glucose-based counterparts, such as sports drinks.

Q2:Will drinking during exercise not make me want to go to the bathroom and delay my exercise?

Drinking water during exercise does not mean drinking a large amount of water in one gulp, but to replenish the water lost from the body, which comes from the body's original fluids.

Q3: Drinking juice during exercise, with "moving", can make the body healthy and hydrated?

It is rumored on the Internet that drinking juice during exercise, with "movement", can make the body replenish fiber and increase water. Drinking juice during exercise, even if naturally rich in fiber, but also does not help the body's health, because, during exercise, the blood is mostly concentrated in the skeletal muscles, gastrointestinal motility speed decreases, drinking juice is easy to cause indigestion, affecting sports performance.

The most insignificant but important, summer heat, no matter what exercise, we should pay more attention to "gradual" and "appropriate stop", warm up, close the exercise is indispensable, in order to avoid accidents or excessive intense exercise caused by rhabdomyolysis.

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