Running and sweating can detoxify the body? To have healthy kidneys, you need to reduce sodium from diet and exercise

Can running and sweating detoxify the body?

Exercise is science, there is one point of scientific evidence can only say one point. The body temperature rises during exercise, especially the runner's body many large muscles, after running for a period of time, the body temperature immediately rises, the body needs to use cooling measures, otherwise it will heat coma. The body's main cooling measure is sweating, which is the most effective way to carry away the body temperature through the fluids flowing outside the body; the higher the body temperature, the more sweat is needed to cool down the body, and the sweat is mostly composed of water and the rest is sodium chloride.

However, toxins in the body are not excreted through this channel, but are transformed by the liver and kidneys and excreted in urine and feces, while fat-soluble toxic substances (such as PCBs) are deposited in fat cells and cannot be excreted.

Exercise helps the body excrete sodium

Exercise not only strengthens the muscles and bones, but also helps the body's vitality and metabolism.

The human body needs about 2,000 mg of sodium a day, and too much sodium will put a burden on the kidneys, and after a long time, the kidney function will be severely damaged and dialysis will be required.

The high proportion of dialysis is not only due to the habit of taking adult drugs, but also due to the heavy salty diet. In early society, there was a lot of physical labor, and most of the transportation was by walking or bicycle, so even if we ate pickled food, the problem was not serious. Nowadays, with the convenience of life, the amount of physical activity is much less, and with the love of delicious food, such as a bowl of beef noodles, the sodium intake may be more than the daily requirement.

Only drink sports drinks if you exercise a lot

Therefore, unless you are doing a lot of exercise, such as running for more than an hour or playing basketball for a few hours in the heat and sweating a lot, you don't need a sports drink. In particular, don't take sports drinks as normal drinks and drink them without a lot of exercise to increase your body's burden.

Do moderate to light exercise every day or every other day so that your body can get rid of excess sodium and sweat together, which is a good way to maintain your health.

Avoid eating too much sodium by choosing the right foods

Nowadays, people are eating out more often, so choosing the right foods is essential. Noodle dishes from breakfast restaurants, egg cakes with a lot of pepper, stews, and chicken fried steak are all heavy and high in sodium and should be avoided. It is best to develop a lighter diet so that it is not difficult to change your eating habits after they have been established.

Control your diet from the source, plus enough exercise and sweat, both of them will make your body healthy.

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