Exercise to lose weight so tired and no way to use try to exercise with "this" gargle!

The sugar gargle method, in fact, was confirmed by a study as early as 2004, when sports nutritionist Asker Jeukendrup and his team recruited a group of cyclists to conduct two 40-kilometer time trials, one of which required the athletes to gargle with a sugar drink for 5 seconds every 8 minutes, and the other with water only.

The team proposed the "Mouth-Brain Connection", which means that by gargling with sugar water, the sensory receptor in the mouth is stimulated to send messages to the central nervous system of the brain, thinking that food will enter the digestive system, and when the brain is "cheated", it will produce a feeling of energy, which in turn reduces the athletes' self-awareness of hard work, maintains concentration and delays fatigue.

Although it is true that sugar water gargle can help improve sports performance, but the general public need to pay attention to what things when using this method? Let's see what the experts say.

30-70 minutes of high intensity exercise is only suitable

Since sugar water gargling is only a "temporary" trick to the brain, it cannot replace actual carbohydrate supplementation. Therefore, it is recommended to use it for 30-70 minutes of high-intensity intermittent exercise, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc., which can improve 2-4% of sports performance.

However, for sports longer than 90 minutes, such as marathon and triathlon, this method is not suitable (the final sprint of marathon is fine), and the main focus should be on actual glycemic supplementation.

Reduce gastrointestinal discomfort during exercise, reduce fatigue

Some people may feel gastrointestinal discomfort when they exercise because they drink too much water or take in fructose that is absorbed more slowly, for these people, sugar water gargle is a good way to delay fatigue and avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

In addition, intense exercise is easy to make the body's stress hormones rise, so that the liver glycogen consumption too fast, resulting in muscle decomposition, fatigue increased and then affect sports performance, when the use of sugar water mouthwash can also improve this problem.

Help exercise to lose weight

As sugar water gargle method does not really ingest sugar into the body, so for people who want to exercise to lose weight, will have some help, this method is suitable for the total amount of time per week exercise is not long, but each exercise intensity than the higher groups, so that they can challenge higher intensity or maintain a longer period of time without taking in excess calories.

Beware of hot, humid exercise environments

In hot and humid sports environment, such as mountain climbing, surfing, outdoor sports, etc., the body will lose water more quickly, so it is recommended to replenish carbohydrates and water mainly, or drink water and gargle with sugar water is also a feasible practice.

10 to 20 minutes gargle once each time gargle 5 to 10 seconds

Sugar water gargle effect sustainable time is about 10 to 20 minutes, so this can be used as a reference for the frequency of gargle, each time about gargle 5 to 10 seconds can be.

As for the choice of sugar water, since sugar is not actually taken into the body, gargling alone is fine; however, if there is a need for actual intake at the same time (like soccer players who may use two methods at the same time: sugar water gargling and sugar supplementation), it is recommended to supplement with complex sugars (such as commercially available sports drinks), because glucose and fructose have different body receivers, and taking them at the same time will be like having two cars running together, feeding sugar into the body for energy needs and enhancing sports performance.

If you want to make your own, you can add 6 to 8 sugar cubes (glucose) to a liter of water, or mix 500 ml of water with natural 100% fruit juice, or add a quarter teaspoon of salt if you want to replenish electrolytes.

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