Enhance protection from nutrition, U.S. research: "this nutrient" is critical

Despite the ups and downs of the epidemic, and despite the arrival of vaccines, we cannot take it lightly until we reach a universal vaccination coverage rate of over 70% and mass protection. Besides waiting with anxiety, what else can we do to protect our health and that of our families?

But no matter which vaccine is approved, it has a certain degree of protection, and more importantly, it can reduce serious illness and mortality. Before we have the opportunity to receive the vaccine, we can also improve our ability to fight the virus through a good diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits, and by replenishing the necessary nutrients.

Omega-3 to help protect yourself during high-risk periods

After the outbreak last year, scientists around the world conducted various studies in hopes of finding potential ways to help people fight the virus. The data were observed and compared by group. The Omega-3 Index in Covid-19 patients was found to be highly correlated with morbidity and mortality; the higher the Omega-3 Index, the higher the chance of survival.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian Healthy Aging Research Center conducted a randomized double-blind clinical trial on 101 patients with severe COVID-19 disease, comparing the internal organ values of Omega-3 supplementation with those of the control group without Omega-3 supplementation. The results showed that Omega-3 helped to alleviate the complications of Covid-19 and reduce the mortality rate of severe disease, which was related to the "anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory" effect of Omega-3.

Another study published by Taiwan and the UK in Prostaglandins, Lipids, and Essential Fatty Acids, the prestigious official journal of the International Society for Fatty Acid Research, pointed out that in addition to boosting immunity against viruses, it also helps to reduce the psychological stress caused by a high stress immune life. If we were to rank the most important nutrients for immune protection, Omega-3 would be at the top of the list.

Eat the right fish oil to add a layer of protection for your body and mind

EPA and DHA are the main Omega-3s required by the human body, how can we increase the amount of Omega-3s in our body? Since the human body cannot synthesize them on its own, we can only supplement them through external sources. Salmon and other fish, soybeans, dairy products, and walnuts all contain Omega-3, but the amount of Omega-3 from plant sources is relatively small, and most of the Omega-3 from plant sources is ALA (arachidonic acid), which has a very low conversion rate in the human body, so it is difficult to get enough from the diet.

The key to extracting high concentration of fish oil is the process technology. Because the concentration of fish oil (EPA/DHA) of general molecular distillation method only reaches 60% or 70% at the highest, but to reach the concentration of 80% or more, it must be extracted by supercritical fluid technology. At present, the standard technology for manufacturing high concentration fish oil is a technology called "one-stage supercritical extraction". The fish oil extracted with this technology not only has high concentration, but also has better stability, absorption rate, high efficiency and purer EPA and DHA, which is equivalent to the "Rolls-Royce of fish oil" and is suitable for people of all ages to supplement their health care, especially in times of crisis.

What is supercritical extraction technology? Unlike the common "distillation method", "one-stage" means that from the time the fish oil enters the extraction process, it is no longer exposed to air and the environment, and is directly refined and purified in a closed line.

If you have not taken fish oil in the past, try to start supplementing during the epidemic period, and don't forget to take it after meals for better absorption, to replenish your positive energy in the face of the crisis with nutrition that helps both body and mind!

The scope of the literature study is limited. During the epidemic, it is important to follow the government's epidemic prevention policy and consult your doctor if you have any medical questions.

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