Can you squat on your period?

There are many benefits of squatting, especially for female friends, then the menstruation of female friends whether it is suitable for squatting exercise? Because the menstruation for women friends is a painful thing, squatting exercise is more exercise lower limbs, so you need to understand carefully to do! The following with this article to understand the following!

Can you do squats when you have your period?

The first thing you need to do is to do the squats. But as long as it is not always done will not cause the uterine cavity blood will not be dysmenorrhea, if it is often so exercise may be caused by dysmenorrhea situation. There will not be any other problems, mainly leading to menstrual cramps, do not need to worry about, avoid such long-term menstrual movement.

How to practice deep squat

1、Unarmed squat

The most conventional kind of squat, beginners can start from this. Hips back squat, imagine your buttocks behind a bench, you want to sit on. Extend your arms forward for balance and straighten your back. Make sure your knees and toes are in the same direction and don't overly snap or externally rotate your knee caps. Squat as deep as you can, squatting until your thighs are parallel to the floor or below parallel to the floor.

2、Deep squat against the wall

As the name implies, find a wall and keep the squat position still. Control your legs away from the wall, so you can ensure that your thighs and the ground is parallel. Make sure that your back is upright and that your entire back is completely pressed against the wall. This movement is great for knee rehabilitation.

3、Bottle bell squat

Grab a bottle bell, and then do squats, no bottle bell can also use other heavy objects instead. Slightly open your feet, outside the eight some. Ensure that the process of deep squatting feet have been firmly planted on the ground, do not lift the heel or back tilt. Squatting process, keep your back straight. As deep as possible, squat to the thighs parallel to the ground below.

4、Unbalanced ground squat

This kind of squat exercise is very helpful to balance and improve one side of the hip and leg. To make one leg higher than the other, you can let one leg step on a box, kettlebell or pedal. In this position, the squat is the same as the unarmed squat.

5、Split-leg squat (Bulgarian split-leg squat)

Put a leg on a high object, and then squat deep, also called Bulgarian squat. If the squatting process is not balanced, you can hold the wall to do.

6、Deep squat jump

Very good advanced training! A very good cardio workout! Squat down and then jump as high as possible. Squat during the landing. Can not be calculated by the number of actions, can be calculated by time, such as deep squat jumping 30 seconds.

Women practice the benefits of deep squat

1、The most effective action to improve the strength of the whole body

People called the king of squat strength training, it is very simple, deep squat when using the most large muscle groups, if you consider the role of support, almost all the skeletal muscles are involved in the force. Scientists have measured the work done in many movements, using the same weight, the deep squat does the most work, close to twice the hard pull, five times the bench press, and the deep squat can use more weight than the hard pull, more greatly than the bench press. Therefore, the squat on the whole body strength growth, the effect is much higher than other movements.

2、The most effective movement to grow the whole body muscles

Deep squat is a double joint compound movement, and deep squat when the human body secretes the most growth hormone, so large weight squat not only can promote the growth of leg muscles, but also promote the growth of the whole body muscles. In addition, squatting is a great way to increase muscle mass and muscle density compared to other movements, which means that the muscles become more powerful.

3、The most effective action to improve the explosive force

Explosive power is the ability to explode as much power as possible in as short a time as possible. The key to explosive training is the large weight, rapid force, as much muscle synergy and good neural conditioning. Large weight squats meet all four of these requirements, especially the last point, so that many practitioners feel particularly tired squat training, but it is this feeling to train good neuromodulation. The squat is the first choice for explosive training.

4、The most effective action to improve bouncing power

Bouncing power training has many methods. Not on the power, completely with bouncing practice bouncing, in a certain stage is also feasible. However, to achieve a stronger bounce, you have to practice squatting. The deep squat is a comprehensive exercise for the quadriceps, biceps, gluteus and calf strength needed for bouncing power, and is more efficient than pure bouncing exercises, so it is a must for professional athletics, basketball and volleyball players.

5、Effective movements to strengthen cardiorespiratory function

Generally speaking, anaerobic training on the cardio function is not very useful. But the squat is recognized as a strong heart movement. Practice squat will have a hard pull bench press when there is no shortness of breath, panting, and even dizziness and other phenomena, which is not a bad thing. With the gradual exercise, cardiorespiratory function will also be enhanced. Of course, to improve the heart and lungs mainly rely on aerobic.

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