6 mistakes, so you can't lose weight even if you exercise furiously

We all know the benefits of exercise: it can help us burn fat, improve metabolism, build muscle, create a healthy body, and a healthy lifestyle.

But if you do these things wrong, all your efforts may be wasted.

1. Body posture is not correct

Nike global physical fitness training instructor Cooper Smith (Geralyn Coopersmith) mentioned that if you go to the gym when training hunched over, you can train to the muscle less, but also burn less calories.

Good posture will also allow you to breathe in more oxygen, helping you to train, even if you burn more calories, but will feel more relaxed. A study by the Mayo Medical Center also mentioned that when you stand to lift weights, you will burn 50 calories more every half hour.

2. Insufficient hydration

During exercise, it is important to hydrate. Intense exercise causes a lot of water loss from sweat, loss of 1% of body weight of water, body temperature will become higher, but also easier to fatigue; loss of 3% of body weight of water, will affect sports performance.

According to a study by California State University, when athletes are dehydrated, they will do 3 to 5 less sets of movements during weight training. This is because when the body is dehydrated, the body's hormone levels are lowered and muscle performance is poorer.

Do you need to supplement sports drinks? It depends on the level of sweating. Sports drinks contain sodium, potassium and glucose, so if you sweat a lot during exercise, you will excrete sodium at the same time, so you need to supplement sports drinks during exercise.

It is better to replenish water and match with carbohydrate and protein food for better effect.

3. Walking on the treadmill while looking at the phone

Coopersmith mentioned that, for the effect of exercise, reading, watching cell phones, television is too distracting, may reduce the intensity of exercise, so that it can not burn enough calories.

If you want to increase some power, you may want to listen to music. Research at the University of Bunnell, London, pointed out that runners who listen to music, especially rock or hip-hop music, the length of exercise extended by 15%, and also in a better mood when running.

4. Less weight training

Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) survey found that nearly 80 percent of women do not do weight training. This may be one of the reasons why your weight loss program has hit a bottleneck.

According to a study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, compared to people who only do aerobic exercise, people who have resistance exercise eat less, and eat 517 fewer calories a day. The study's author, Brandon S. Shaw, said that people who eat less with resistance exercise eat 517 fewer calories a day than people who do only aerobic exercise. The study's author, Brandon S. Shaw (Brandon S. Shaw, PhD), explained that this combination of exercise may increase the secretion of leptin in the body to enhance the body's function of fat breakdown and stabilize blood sugar, so your feeling of fullness is prolonged.

5. Treadmill set in "fat burning" mode

The treadmill, bicycle machine and other cardio training machines have many modes to choose from, I believe many people will choose the "fat burning mode", think the most in line with demand.

But in fact, the so-called fat-burning mode means that a higher percentage of the body's energy source comes from hoarded fat during low-intensity exercise. Therefore, theoretically, when using fat burning mode, you do not need to exert too much effort, but still can burn your abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other excess fat.

The problem is that although the percentage of fat burned is higher than that of carbohydrates, the overall calorie consumption is lower. Take a 68kg woman as an example, using the treadmill's fat-burning film, she walks at a speed of 3mph for 30 minutes, burning a total of 112 calories, of which 50% comes from fat burning, about 56 calories. But also walking for 30 minutes, using the general mode, is to walk with a speed of 4mph intensity, a total of 170 calories can be consumed. Although only 40% of this is from fat burning, it burns 68 calories, which is still more than the amount of calories burned in fat burning mode.

Therefore, next time you go to the gym, try switching to "general mode" or adding some interval training, mixing high and low intensity exercise, perhaps the exercise effect will be better.

6. Believe too much in the "calorie" figures on the treadmill

Every time you step on the treadmill, do you start staring at the calories displayed on the screen to see how many calories you have burned?

Then you may have to be sad. Those numbers are not accurate. A report presented at the National Strength and Conditioning Conference showed that the average scooter overestimates the actual calories burned by 30 percent.

However, you can still use this number as a training indicator to see how much you are exercising and whether you need to step up your training.

Make "improving the numbers" the goal of your weekly exercise program, and you'll feel like you've made a little progress each week.

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