4 "deltoid" exercises! Improve the sagging shoulder, easily train the right angle shoulder with swan neck

Exercise deltoids can also protect the shoulder joint and prevent soreness!

I often hear my fitness friends say they want to train their deltoids, do you know which muscle the deltoids actually are? The deltoid muscle is actually the muscle that connects the shoulder to the arm. The reason why we all want to train the deltoid muscle is because we can train the "right angle shoulder" that many girls long for, which will look better in clothes; and guys can also make themselves look more chesty and stronger. Read on to see how to train the deltoid muscle group, let's practice together!

Where is the deltoid muscle?

The deltoid is the muscle that covers the humeral tuberosity, the largest muscle on the shoulder, connecting the tip of the shoulder and the arm, and is divided into three parts: the front, middle and rear bundles, which are responsible for pulling the arm to the front, side and rear, and is a very important part of the body's muscles.

The deltoid muscle has the following advantages and benefits.

Exercise deltoid benefits 1: protect the shoulder joint

Regular training of the deltoid muscle can increase the muscle mass of the shoulder and protect the shoulder joint from aging and dislocation.

Exercise deltoid benefits 2: prevent muscle soreness

Nowadays, most of the office workers are sedentary during working hours, so it is easy to have the problem of shoulder and neck pain. If you are not used to training your shoulder muscles and not enough activity, the pain problem will be more serious.

Exercise deltoid benefits 3: arm lines look good

Summer girls like to wear sleeveless clothes, but there are many people because of the thick arms or flesh feel troubled, practice deltoid (especially the rear bundle) can make your arm line more obvious, wear sleeveless charming and good-looking!

Exercise deltoid benefits 4: inverted triangle body

Girls should not be afraid to practice shoulders will make themselves look very strong, in fact, the deltoid muscle training up, a little shoulder after the visual effect looks waist will become more thin! The S-shaped curves that everyone wants will also automatically run out.

Deltoid training move 1: shoulder push

Training area: Middle deltoid

Note: Spread your feet shoulder-width apart. If you are in a standing position, you can bend your knees slightly. The hands are bent at 90 degrees when lowered, and the elbows are bent and in line with the shoulders.

Deltoid training move 2: side planks

Training area: Middle deltoid

Note: Do not bend your elbows when lifting flat, if you feel it is too hard you can change to a lighter dumbbell.

Deltoid training move 3: dive bird

Training area: Posterior deltoid

Note: Bend your elbows slightly and raise them parallel to the ground to return to the original movement.

Deltoid training move 4: Ano shoulder press

Training area: anterior deltoid, middle and posterior bundles

Note: Arnold shoulder press is usually placed at the back of the training menu, which is a good way to improve the arm line.

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