The 5 most common mistakes of the summer heat

Drink ice water, take a cold shower ..., want to cool off a "summer", beware of heatstroke instead of heatstroke!

In hot weather, the natural reaction of the body is to sweat to dissipate the heat, but many ways to beat the heat are the opposite, using rapid cooling and chilling methods to prevent the skin from sweating. But the following five most common "wrong way" not only can not eliminate the heat, but will make people because they can not dissipate heat and heat stroke, and even affect blood circulation, re-injuring the body's vitality.

1. Drink ice water, or drink cold drinks with sugar instead of plain water?

You should drink more warm water, you can also drink plum juice to refresh yourself. Mung beans and barley can help reduce the heat, and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible to get water and nutrients, such as watermelon and lotus root.

To treat heat stroke, the first step is to use hot water, so that sweating, because hot water contains energy, heat will make the pores open to sweat, to lift the heat in the body's condition;. Ice water has a blocking effect, which is not conducive to blood circulation.

For example, repeatedly dipping red iron in cold water will make the iron harder and more brittle, so will the human body, if you drink too much ice water, the body will also be brittle, easy to bleed; human body temperature is 36.8 degrees, if you drink 20 degrees of cold water, the temperature difference between the two 16.8 degrees must rely on the body's energy to "warm up", over time, very depleted vitality.

The women should especially avoid drinking cold drinks, which can cause a bigger belly, increased leucorrhea and irregular menstruation.

In addition, many people love to drink sugary cold drinks in the summer is not good for the digestive system, because sweets hurt the spleen and stomach, many cold drinks are the more thirsty, drink but dry mouth.

Although sweating helps to dissipate heat, but after exercise, drinking ice water and cold drinks is very harmful to the body. Ice water will make the blood vessels contract quickly, which may cause temporary oxygen deprivation or stroke. Drinking sugary cold drinks is even worse, the body will quickly convert liver sugar into blood sugar for muscle use during exercise, if you drink too sweet drinks at this time, blood sugar is too high and may affect the body's metabolism of sugar.

In summer, it is best to drink warm plain water, or drinks that are sweet and refreshing. You can buy ume plum juice, which is slightly sweet and sour, suitable for drinking in summer.

As for the cold herbal tea, green herb tea, only in hot weather, a lot of sweating drink some, should not often drink, otherwise the gastrointestinal burden will be too large diarrhea.

You may want to eat more fresh and cheap seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon to relieve the heat, lotus root to fight heat.

2. Bare shoulders on a hot day?

You should wear light clothing that wicks away sweat, not bare shoulders, because blowing the wind directly after sweating will cause the capillaries to contract quickly, and moisture and heat will be trapped in the body and cannot be discharged.

The reason for this is that you can use your own personal computer to make sure that you have the right amount of money.

When you feel hot, you can use cold water to gently pat on the inner wrist where the arteries pass through to lower the blood temperature, or wipe your body with a wet towel, rather than directly using ice cubes or playing bare shoulders.

3. Sweating is very hot, so take a cold shower directly?

You should first dry the sweat on your body, massage your whole body, let the pores shrink a little, then slowly splash cold water on your body, wait until you get used to the water temperature before you start taking a cold shower.

Cold showers are actually good for your health, but you should pay attention to the time and the way you wash, you should never take a cold shower when your body is hot and sweaty, the cold air will enter your body with the open pores, some people get sick and have a high fever, or your heart can't take it.

Just like going swimming, taking a cold shower should also be gradual, so that the body slowly adapt to the water temperature.

4. Wash your hair and let it dry naturally or blow with an electric fan?

You should dry your scalp with warm air, otherwise your scalp will become very soft, which not only makes you feel dizzy and heavy, but also affects your respiratory system. A cold wind on the head can also cause headaches.

This is especially common in patients with allergic rhinitis. In addition to discomfort in the nose, many patients also feel that their scalp is wet, as if there is a wet towel wrapped around their head, and they even suffer from dizziness, headache, and lack of concentration; upon inquiry, these people do not use hot air to dry their hair after washing.

Whether your hair is long or short, large or small, blow dry your scalp with hot air after washing your hair.

5. Sleeping on the floor than sleeping on the bed cooler?

You should sleep on a bed at least 30 centimeters above the floor to avoid the cold and moisture from the floor, and the respiratory system is less likely to be affected by the dust on the floor. If it is very hot, you can lay a cool mat on the bed.

Close to the ground will be cold, moisture, such as when it is about to rain, will feel a little wet home floor; cold, moisture in the early morning is the strongest, but this time the human body temperature is the lowest, sleeping on the floor is easy to be cold.

If you already have heatstroke, you should not sleep on the floor, because the capillaries will shrink due to the cold, sweat will not be able to discharge, the symptoms of heatstroke will be more serious.

If you feel hot, you can lay a cool mat on the bed and turn on the air conditioner for just one hour to avoid aggravating your allergy; do not blow directly on the fan, but open the window to let the air flow, which will also be cooler.

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