Smart eating after exercise, accelerate weight loss

You don't have to be hungry after exercise, take advantage of the golden hour to replenish light food, and regain strength quickly without fear of gaining weight.

Exercise after wiping sweat, you are to make the weight loss effect is better, so you have to endure the hunger to pour water? Or reward yourself for your hard work and feast?

In fact, you may have wasted a day in the body to absorb nutrients the most complete, rapid golden time. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or for health, 30 minutes to 1 hour after exercise, smart to take a balanced light meal, so that the body's energy quickly recovered, and finally will allow you to double the effect of the goal.

As early as 12 years ago, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Dietetic Association have publicly affirmed the importance of "post-exercise nutritional supplementation". Especially after moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise, your body is in great need of a source of energy and muscle repair. Simply put, you need a little calorie intake at this time.

Like a car running out of gas needs to be replenished in order to go farther.

Liver glycogen is also used to maintain blood glucose balance. Therefore, it is important to provide a balanced and nutritious diet after exercise, with the best combination of carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates can restore liver glycogen, which is used to maintain physical strength, while protein can repair muscle tissue damaged by exercise.

If you do not eat after exercise, it will be like fasting, the next day you may be very tired, the spirit can not concentrate, muscle pain is not easy to recover. The greater the intensity of the exercise, the more obvious the discomfort.

Heart rate of 130 to 140 between the medium and high intensity exercise such as running, climbing, more immediately after the exercise should be supplemented with nutrition.

Mastering the Golden Hour

Many people worry that after exercise the body's absorption force becomes stronger, eating easily fat. Some people may even think that the calories burned by hard exercise will be lost because of the diet to make up for it.

It is true that the body becomes more absorbent, but the conclusion that it is easy to gain weight is not correct.

Journal of Nutritional Sciences and Vitamins in a study, comparing the difference between eating immediately after exercise and eating 4 hours later, in the same caloric food standards, 10 weeks after exercise, immediately after eating the experimental group, body fat is 24% lower than the other group, muscle mass is 6% more. American Council on Exercise chief scientific officer Brent believes that the post-exercise diet will not only not affect weight loss, but will enhance your physical strength, and in the long run more help you lose weight.

A simple light meal can be added to restore energy half an hour to one hour after exercise. These calories are not stored as fat, but are used to repair the lost energy and tissue. By taking the right diet within one hour after exercise, the body will quickly absorb the nutrients eaten like a sponge, providing a repairing effect.

And the later you eat after exercise, the less desirable the effect may be. Because the delay in eating will only make the muscle forced to break down muscle protein to compensate for the lack of energy, and then the proportion of energy distribution back to the muscle decreases, allowing nutrients to be stored by extra-muscular tissues (adipose tissue and liver)

Eat smart with carbohydrates

Many people do not know this secret, after exercise is actually the most suitable time of the day to eat complex starch-type food.

The starch and carbohydrates that everyone is afraid of hearing about, such as groundnuts, bread and rice balls, play an important role after exercise. This is because the liver glycogen consumed during exercise can be restored by good carbohydrates, so that physical strength can be quickly returned and not stored as fat.

Many people only eat protein when losing weight, do not eat carbohydrates, long-term body function will be dysfunctional, the chance of regain fat will increase.

Many studies in the past two decades have shown that the intake of bread, pasta, cereals, brown rice, potatoes and other complex starch after exercise helps muscle repair, as for the sugar-rich biscuits and cakes and other single carbohydrates, should be avoided as much as possible.

In addition to starch, fruit is also a good choice of carbohydrates, orange, apple, kiwi and tomatoes are very suitable as a post-workout supplement, and can even be made into juice to accelerate the body's absorption rate. You can also choose slightly sour fruits, which are rich in citric acid to help promote the regeneration of liver glycogen.

Protein Aids in Repairing Damaged Muscle

The importance of protein is that it can repair and regenerate muscle tissue damaged during exercise. A number of studies have shown that carbohydrates combined with the right amount of protein can increase muscle mass and performance and even help reduce body fat.

A study in Japan pointed out that people who took protein after exercise lost almost fat, while the control group that did not take any food after exercise lost not only fat but also muscle.

If you want to strengthen your muscles through weight training, you can choose the right amount of protein carbohydrate formula diet to enhance muscle growth, for the more concerned about the rapid recovery of athletes, you can choose the more easily absorbed carbohydrates and whey protein formula food.

General post-exercise diet should still be carbohydrate-based, because carbohydrates have a better effect of promoting insulin secretion and can accelerate the absorption of protein. If the proportion of carbohydrates is too low, may cause the absorption of amino acids in the blood is slow, in the blood stays longer, but increase the burden on the kidneys.

Mastering the golden ratio of portions Starch 4 or 3: Protein 1

According to research, the smartest thing to do is to eat something after exercise, with a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 4:1 or 3:1, which can have a better effect on muscle recovery.

And not too many servings, calorie control of about 300 calories, under this principle, will not let your lipid synthesis enzyme increase. The body has a good self-regulation function, when you need these calories, the body will choose the path towards absorption.

No more than 300 calories

There are tips on how to control the post-exercise snack to less than 300 calories and a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 4 to 3:1.

It is recommended to grasp the principle that foods containing more carbohydrates, such as tuna rice, buns and sushi, can be paired with another food containing more protein, such as low-fat milk, yogurt or low-sugar soy milk, for a more balanced nutrition.

For example, a banana with a glass of low-fat milk is a balanced distribution of carbohydrates and protein, with only about 250 calories. Other options like groundnuts + 1 poached egg, a few almond nuts + low sugar soy milk, or a potato salad sandwich, are also options to consider.

Before exercising, you can prepare easy-to-carry foods at home, such as whole wheat tuna sandwiches, potato salad sandwiches, bananas and other fruits, and fruit juices. You can also make a fruit shake by mixing sugar-free yogurt, soy milk, milk and fruit to replenish immediately after exercise.

If you don't have time to prepare, convenience stores are a good choice. Low-sugar soymilk, tea eggs, fruit juices, low-fat milk, etc., with clear nutrition labels make it very convenient for people who want to control calories.

In addition, it is recommended to drink at least 250-500ml of water and not to drink diuretic drinks such as coffee.

After eating a light meal to quickly recover, the main meal should still remember to take a balanced intake of carbohydrates and protein, such as white rice, brown rice, toast, groundnuts, noodles and other complex carbohydrates, with tofu, meat, fish and shrimp, dairy, eggs or lean pork and beef and other protein-rich foods, and avoid high-fat such as more oily meat, creamy bread, dinner buns, chicken wings, cold drinks, snacks and so on.

If it is too late to exercise or exercise after dinner, it is recommended to take a light meal as the main food.

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