Self-confidence level "size" size is very relevant

The term "supersize" has always had a magical effect on modern people, whether they are buying or eating. This may be one of the reasons why we tend to consume more than we can digest.

However, according to psychological research, the reason why we feel so unaware that we have chosen an oversized item is because of our self-esteem. When we buy oversized items or meals, it creates a sense of superiority and affects the way we are perceived by others.

This is the result of a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, which also compiled the following important conclusions.

  • The general public will unconsciously think that people who choose larger sizes usually have higher status.

  • The study also found the following important conclusions: People who think they are not important usually choose the larger size option to enhance their self-perception.

  • Even if price is not a consideration, the behavioral pattern of preferring the larger size option will not change.

  • When we find that someone is watching us choose or spend, we usually get used to picking the larger size option.

  • When a person feels the need to enhance his or her status, he or she will also tend to choose the larger size option. 

A person's psychological perception of self is indeed influenced by the size of the physical body, whether it is for their own body or for objects or meals outside their body. This is often the best selling point for marketers, or rather, it's the biggest "deception" that we can easily fall for.

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