Summer is the peak of food poisoning! Remember the refrigerator 5 storage tips to keep fresher

How many bacteria will grow in the kitchen if the kitchen utensils, cutting boards and refrigerator are not properly cleaned? These places where food is touched every day are closely related to our food safety. Food safety is not only the responsibility of the government, producers and operators, but also everyone's responsibility. If people can start at home by organizing their refrigerators, which are in close contact with food, they can do a good job of food safety and maintenance. The Food and Drug Administration offers the following 5 tips for organizing your refrigerator.

Step 1: Clean the refrigerator regularly

Many people clean the refrigerator, only to find that the food in the refrigerator into the expired, and do not remember when purchased, it is recommended that the refrigerator at least once a quarter to do a thorough sorting and cleaning, in order to keep the refrigerator space to use the best condition.

Step 2: Pay attention to the refrigerator storage temperature

Do not block the air vents when storing, so as not to affect the refrigerator's performance. Keep the cold air circulating well, and pay attention to the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer to reach the standard of 0 to 7˚C and -18˚C or below.

Step 3: Separate raw and cooked food

Raw food and cooked food must be placed separately. Before placing them in the refrigerator, they should be properly wrapped in separate bags, and the cooked food with higher cleanliness should be placed on the upper shelf, while the raw food with lower cleanliness should be placed on the lower shelf, so as to avoid contamination of the cooked food on the lower shelf with blood and water from the raw food.

Step 4: Write the date of purchase

Refrigerated food does not always spoil, so the "first in, first out" principle should be used, meaning that the first to buy is the first to eat, and the expiration date is used up. For bulk, fresh food, you can also mark the date of purchase on the bag.

Step 5: Pack before you freeze

Seafood, meat, and other fresh foods can be divided into portions for each use to avoid repeated thawing and freezing of ingredients and to maintain a continuous cold chain.

It is recommended that parents bring their children to clean the refrigerator, cook the ingredients, or have a parent-child dinner together, so that our home can become a warm and welcoming place, and the best place for food safety education.

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