Low blood pressure is more prone to heatstroke! Hydration, eating salty, muscle gain is important

Compared to high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for chronic diseases of the human heart and cerebrovascular system, many people tend to ignore the risk of "low blood pressure".

In general, a systolic pressure of 100-110 mmHg or a diastolic pressure of 60-70 mmHg belongs to a group with low blood pressure, and some people are more likely to feel dizzy, tired, or even dizzy.

Blood pressure is lower than the normal value of the community, the body's blood reserves are originally less than the average person, summer if a lot of sweating, not immediately hydrated, may be dehydrated, so that blood pressure like a roller coaster, all of a sudden lower than the average person more prone to heat stroke; even when the systolic blood pressure is below 80, diastolic blood pressure is below 50, there may be a "shock" crisis.

3 principles, low blood pressure patients spend the summer without fear

People with low blood pressure should remember the following 3 principles in summer.

Principle 1 

Low blood pressure is more prone to heat stroke than the general population, hydration is very important

People with low blood pressure should pay more attention to "hydration" in summer. The hot weather makes people sweat profusely without taking a few steps, and even though people with low blood pressure sweat about the same amount as the next person, they are more likely to dehydrate, making their blood pressure drop even lower and putting them at risk of heat stroke and shock.

The easiest way to know if you have enough water in your body is to observe the "urine color". If the urine is light yellow, it means that there is enough water; but if the urine is dark yellow or even oolong tea-colored, it means that there is not enough water, so you should replenish water as soon as possible.

For people with low blood pressure who have less blood reserves than the general population, it is recommended to drink a sports drink to replenish sodium ions for water retention after heavy sweating during exercise.

Principle 2

Eat more salty food and drink sports drinks after exercise to replenish sodium

We all know that eating too salty food can lead to edema, but for people with low blood pressure, eating a little salty food can actually help retain water in the body and maintain blood pressure. In addition, after exercising or sweating a lot, you can also drink a sports drink to replenish the sodium ions that keep you hydrated

Principle 3

Increase body muscle mass and expand blood stores

The right amount of exercise to increase muscle mass can help stabilize blood pressure not only for people with hypertension, but also for people with low blood pressure. When people with low blood pressure sweat a lot or lose blood during physiological periods, the body needs more blood to circulate, so it can be extracted directly from the muscles to prevent low blood pressure.

Hypotension is only an indicator, and whether or not symptoms will occur depends on whether or not there is sufficient blood supply to all organs. Most people with "constitutional hypotension" may have a systolic pressure of 80 and a diastolic pressure of 50, without any symptoms.

Physical hypotension is common in slim young women. This type of women may have soft Q blood vessels, low resistance, or due to female hormones, making the blood vessels dilated, even though the blood pressure is not high, but the blood flow in the body is sufficient, and there are no symptoms.

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