If the refreshing drink contains caffeine, and then drink high alcohol concentration of wine, beware!

Caffeine enhances the efficacy of headache medications and enables the body to absorb certain drugs more quickly, shortening the time it takes for them to begin to work, so it is often compounded with other basic pain relievers in many over-the-counter headache treatments.

Caffeine is used with ergotamine to treat migraine and cluster headache and to overcome drowsiness brought on by antihistamines, but the most common symptom of caffeine withdrawal is also headache.

There is now empirical medical evidence that the combination of ibuprofen 200 mg and caffeine 100 mg is the most effective, with the lowest number needed to treat (NNT) value, and the lower the NNT, the better the effect. Therefore, perhaps pain medication combined with a cup of warm espresso or caffeine tablets can provide good acute pain relief at lower doses.

The effects of coffee

Analgesic effect: Cafestol can produce endogenous opioid peptides, which have analgesic effects similar to those caused by morphine in the peripheral tissues, and only a tiny amount is needed to have a very strong physiological function and activity.

Refreshing: Mets and Philip and other studies found that nighttime highway drivers, a cup of coffee or a short break can improve driving safety. There is empirical medical evidence that caffeine can be used to improve the efficiency of shift workers, but there is no research on its effectiveness in injury prevention.

Coffee with alcohol is more refreshing? Beware of the fatal attraction of functional drinks

Drinking alcohol can raise the enzyme gamma-glutamate transferase (GGT), while drinking coffee can lower GGT, so it has been argued that drinkers should drink more coffee.

However, in Sweden, some people died of unknown causes shortly after drinking caffeinated energy drinks. Two of them mixed the drinks with high alcoholic strength vodka, while the other one drank the energy drink after intense exercise.

Functional drinks contain non-alcoholic ingredients and have some special formulas, also known as functional drinks, some of which contain caffeine, so you should pay attention to their content when drinking coffee to avoid overdosing.

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