Eat fruits and vegetables most afraid of pesticide residues! These 5 cleaning methods will only be more toxic to wash

Many people think that eating fresh, unheated cooking vegetables and fruits, nutrients will not be lost, health benefits, especially for some women who love beauty and pay attention to maintain their bodies, but also to lettuce salad, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices tend to be very popular. However, these lettuce may have pesticide residues?

In the rush to harvest and plant fruits and vegetables, such as before the typhoon harvest, because the market price is better, easy to ignore the use of pesticides safe harvesting period, so there may be more pesticide residues; non-seasonal fruits and vegetables will be more pests and diseases, growth is not easy, so you have to use a lot of pesticides, ripening agents, etc., in order to deal with pests and diseases, so that the fruit, fruit.

For crops that need to be harvested continuously, such as pea and melon, farmers usually spray pesticides on the ripe fruits and vegetables to prevent insect bites, and these crops will keep growing new fruits during the production season, so when the large fruits are sprayed, the next fruits that cannot be harvested yet are also sprayed.

In addition, some fruits and vegetables with high economic value, such as cherries, tea leaves, etc., because the market price is better, in order to prevent the fruit from being bitten by insects and damage the appearance of the market, not sold at a good price, so it is easy to use more chemical agents to make them grow big and beautiful.

However, there are hundreds of cleaning methods circulating in the market, such as.

Mistake 1, using rice washing water

Edible rice also has pesticides, pest egg residues, in addition to the problem of washing vegetables with dirty water, rice washing water is usually only a basin, the amount of water is not enough to wash away pesticides, vegetables soaked in it, a pot of rice washing water has become a pesticide pool, the pot of water is dirtier than the unwashed vegetables, how will continue to use to wash vegetables?

Mistake 2, using salt water

Salt water can make the eggs, moths and other easier to fall, but salt will reduce the cleaning power of water, and if the salt concentration is too high, will form a permeation pressure, so that the water pesticides instead into the fruits and vegetables, counterproductive.

Mistake 3, fruit and vegetable cleaners

Many contain interface active agents, and complex ingredients, after use should be rinsed with a lot of water to avoid secondary residue problems.

Mistake 4, extended soaking time

Not recommended to soak for more than 30 minutes, in addition to the loss of nutrients, and the water can dissolve a limited number of pesticides, such as clean and contaminated, resulting in water pesticides and fruits and vegetables as much as the pesticides.

Mistake 5, using the ozone machine to clean fruits and vegetables

Can only remove pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables, cleaning power is similar to water, and many pesticides can not be destroyed by ozone, and some fruits and vegetables contain nitrogen, and ozone reaction will form nitrate or nitrite, and in case of ozone leakage may have health risks.

According to the test with water, baking soda, salt, detergent and other methods, the conclusion is that flowing water has the best effect on removing contact pesticides.

If you are still accustomed to adding baking soda and tea seed powder to wash together, don't neglect the step of rinsing with a large amount of water just because you use these items, because pesticides are acidic and can be neutralized by baking soda and bitter tea powder alkaline substances to achieve the purpose of removing pesticides, but you still need to rinse with a large amount of water afterwards.

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