Can food stay fresh longer after sealing and vacuuming? Experts break through the blind spot in one word

When the ambient temperature increases bacterial reproduction is accelerated, food not placed in the refrigerator is particularly susceptible to spoilage, many people believe that salt cured or sealed food can be preserved without a refrigerator, but if there is no sterilization process, even in a high salt or vacuum environment, bacteria may still multiply resulting in food spoilage.

Maintaining health by reducing salt curing may increase the risk of food spoilage

Japanese food microbiology expert Fujii Kenfu said that in Japan there is a kind of dried pickled fish, can make the fish longer preservation, the reason is that the juice used to pickle fish, containing dozens of microorganisms, can inhibit the reproduction of food poisoning-related bacteria, coupled with the reason for high salt treatment, can reduce the chance of food spoilage.

Many people think of salt curing, it is likely to be immediately associated with easy to preserve, believe that salt curing is not easy to let food spoil. However, Fujii Jianfu reminded, do not have too much trust in salt curing, although some food for preservation, the use of salt curing, but the recent reduction in the amount of salt products, even with sealed packaging, placed at room temperature, spoilage and food poisoning-related bacteria will multiply, and there are microorganisms like high salt environment, so we must pay special attention.

Sealed packaging is not always sterilized, labeled refrigerated must be put in the refrigerator

Fujii said that if the packaging is famous for needing to be refrigerated, it must be put in the refrigerator, do not think that there is no problem with salt pickling, at room temperature is very likely to cause food spoilage. In addition, not all sealed food have sterilization process, to be able to keep at room temperature, food must be heated at high temperature and high pressure to kill the bacteria inside the package, but not all sealed food have high temperature sterilization, so it can not be stored at room temperature.

Fujii Jianfu stressed that even if the package is sealed, do not think that it is not opened, it can be stored at room temperature. Some sealed food for taste and texture, not high pressure and high temperature heating, there may still be bacteria inside, if stored at room temperature, bacteria is likely to proliferate and lead to food spoilage, so if the sealed package states that it must be refrigerated, it must be stored in the refrigerator.

7 to 60 degrees Celsius is exactly the dangerous temperature zone, many bacteria are in this temperature zone rapid reproduction, food heated to 70 degrees Celsius or more, the bacteria will be eliminated one after another, the temperature of the freezer must be below 7 degrees Celsius, in order to inhibit the growth of bacteria, due to bacterial reproduction and decomposition of food, will produce toxic substances, the FDA recommends that food should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours, not more than 1 hour in summer.

Although carcinogenicity is a concern, the amount of nitrate or sodium nitrate used is not likely to be harmful to the body, but to suppress microbial growth and reduce bacteria such as Clostridium botulinum, which can cause harm to the body.

Sometimes it is necessary to put preservatives in processed foods, otherwise, if you accidentally eat food that starts to spoil, bacteria or related toxins may cause immediate harm to your body.

Not completely sterilized even if sealed package should be stored in the refrigerator

If you buy sealed food, be sure to look carefully at the packaging label, if you emphasize the need to refrigerate, it means that during the production process, after sealing the package may not necessarily be high temperature sterilization, it is necessary to rely on low temperature to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, so it must be put in the refrigerator. Refrigerated room temperature will be 4 degrees Celsius or less, to extend the preservation effect, if you can not refrigerate, can be stored at room temperature, open the package should also be eaten as soon as possible.

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