5 tips to help you boost your self-confidence

Do you always feel dissatisfied with yourself? Do you have to prepare excessively before each report, fearing that you will make mistakes? Do you feel that your success is due to good luck, not your ability? Do you feel a little weak when someone praises you?

The above psychological phenomenon is called "imposter syndrome". These people have a strong tendency toward self-denial, feeling doubtful about their own success and feeling that they are not as good as others say they are. Instead of being happy with their success, they feel more anxious because they are afraid that they will not be as successful as they were in the past.

How to change the lack of self-confidence and bad personality? Minda Zetlin, a columnist for Inc. Minda Zetlin, a columnist for Inc magazine, offers the following practical advice.

1. Be brave and say it: Admitting and facing the problem is the first step to overcome this self-denying idea. Find someone you can trust and talk about your negative feelings. If that's not feasible, you can also write, write out your negative feelings inside your mind.

2. Find out where the cause is: think carefully, usually in what circumstances, you will feel particularly low self-confidence? Then find the right remedy to eliminate your anxiety. For example, if presenting on stage makes you feel most insecure, ask a friend to help you with the exercise.

3. Convince yourself with objective facts: Facts speak louder than words. If you get a promotion or a great opportunity, there must be a reason for it, so why not take the initiative to find out?

4. When someone praises you, accept it graciously: When someone praises you, don't say something like "good luck" and don't doubt the praise you receive. When someone praises you, you should accept it graciously and concentrate on listening to the compliment.

5. Help others: Taking the initiative to help those who really need it can be an effective way to boost your self-confidence. When people around you also have similar self-denial tendencies, why not reach out and share your experience?

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