3 kinds of herbs brewed health coffee can lower blood sugar, anti-aging and heart protection

By getting to know herbs, you can apply herbal health care techniques to your life while drinking coffee, and let herbal powders dance with coffee to enhance your health. The following is an introduction to the traditional and modern uses of cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate, coffee's best friends.


In the early days, some Christian churches used the oil of cinnamon seeds as incense candles, and in the Roman Empire, an emperor burned cinnamon for one year in memory of his beloved wife.

Cinnamon powder is a digestive aid, with indigestion and anti-viral effects, so many toothpastes contain cinnamon to reduce swelling of gums and reduce inflammation and bleeding. Recent studies have found that cinnamon can stimulate the brain and balance blood sugar.

Diabetic Medicine, a diabetic journal, showed that half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder per day can lower blood sugar, triglycerides, low-density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and total cholesterol, because cinnamon has biological activity, similar to the function of insulin, and can delay gastric emptying, so that blood sugar does not rise too much, and can increase the metabolic rate of blood sugar by 20 times, so if you want to control blood sugar and weight loss, you may want to sprinkle cinnamon powder in coffee.

In addition, cinnamon has a warm and pleasant feeling, which is suitable for use in cold weather, such as eating rich cinnamon flavored pumpkin pie on Halloween and apple cinnamon flavored candles for Christmas.

For those who don't drink coffee, the "five spice powder" used in Chinese cuisine contains cinnamon and has the same effect. I often use loin steak mixed with five spice powder, a little soy sauce, rock sugar (or honey) and a little salt, marinated for half an hour, and then fried into golden loin steak, which is a favorite dish for both adults and children.


I don't think anyone can resist the vanilla flavor of vanilla ice cream and cake! Vanilla was first cultivated by the Aztecs in Mexico, who applied the oil of vanilla pods to their skin to make it shine.

Vanilla promotes intimacy and, for men, has an aphrodisiac effect, and was used as an aphrodisiac as early as the Aztec kingdom.

In addition, vanilla is good for the nervous system, and studies have found that it contains many antioxidants that fight free radicals. For women who want to fight ageing, add some vanilla powder to their coffee; for men who want to feel weak, sniff vanilla extract or add vanilla powder to their coffee.

Chocolate Powder

Chocolate is processed from cocoa beans and is widely used in skin care and food. Some studies have found that cocoa butter can reduce the damage to the skin caused by UV rays from the sun; however, some trials have also shown that cocoa butter does not seem to have much effect on reducing stretch marks. The special substance contained in chocolate, phenethylamine, will make people happy, improve dopamine (neurotransmitters, which affects emotions) and make people feel in love.

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends that heart patients can eat dark chocolate, added to coffee or tea, and eaten with dark grapes, because chocolate contains catechin (Catechin), the amount of its content depends on the quality of the cocoa beans and manufacturing process, the higher the roasting temperature of the cocoa beans, the longer the fermentation time, the less catechin content. The American Heart Association also confirmed that dark chocolate is beneficial to patients with heart disease, 2 to 3 hours after eating chocolate, which helps blood circulation to the brain, to achieve the relaxation effect, heart patients eat chocolate 1 to 2 times a week, than never eat chocolate, the mortality rate is reduced by 3 times.

Want to feel happy and heart, you may want to add chocolate powder in the coffee, do not drink coffee, eat low-sugar dark chocolate is a good choice.

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