168 Intermittent fasting in What is the most effective time to exercise?

168 intermittent fasting has to last 16 hours on an empty stomach, and some people try to skip a meal of 12 hours of fasting, but food is the fuel for the body to operate, and it is even more important for people who have the habit of exercising.

Studies have found that exercise in a low-calorie diet, or even fasting state, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that exercise generally consumes liver sugar (Glycogen) in the muscles, which is stored in the body as carbohydrates for energy, but if you do not eat for a period of time, liver sugar is not enough, the body can only use other sources of energy, such as fat, so a study found that people who jogged before eating breakfast, than eat and then run to burn 20% more fat.

However, no food on the exercise, there are also risks, because the body liver sugar deficiency, the body will also break down protein, and protein is an important key to muscle, so intermittent fasting period exercise, may also lose muscle, and even because the caloric intake is too little, metabolism also declined with. And fasting when the blood sugar is low, the body is weaker, exercise may not perform well, and even the risk of fainting and other discomfort.

So, how to exercise during intermittent fasting?

Experts recommend exercising during the 8-hour period when you can eat, which is better for sports performance and physical recovery. If you are accustomed to exercise during fasting can also be, but preferably not too strenuous, you can easily jog or use a scooter. If you really want to exercise vigorously during fasting, it is best to do it close to the last meal, so that there is still enough liver sugar in your body to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

As for heavy training exercises, it is best to schedule them between meals, and each meal should also have sufficient protein, which can increase muscle mass. Fasting period can drink more water than usual to increase blood circulation, so that the blood flow more smoothly during exercise.

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