Love to eat sweet good together, picky eaters stable feelings ... psychological research: your eating preferences reveal the hidden character

British nutritionist Victor Lindlahr once said, "You are what you eat." In fact, it's not just that, how you eat that determines who you are. According to a study by Juliet A. Boghossian, founder of the Food-ology Research Center in Los Angeles, and Julia Hormes, an eating behavior psychologist at the State University of New York, eating habits have quietly revealed your "hidden personality."

Let's see if it's right now!

How you eat determines who you are

Slow Eaters: Knowing the big picture

I believe we all have this kind of friend around us, when everyone has finished eating at dinner, but found that he is still chewing slowly. In fact, this means that they know how to grasp the big picture, enjoy life, and are usually more confident, in the workplace to do things steadily, think that doing it fast is better than doing it well.

Fast Eaters: Ambitious

Eating is like sweeping away the fallen leaves, always finishing work in the fastest way. This type of person is usually ambitious, goal-oriented, like to embrace new things, very efficient, but also able to work more, is a very capable role, and often put the needs of others before their own; but on the other hand, "fast eaters" may also be less patient. Boghossian adds. "The speed at which you eat actually reflects how you view life and the pace at which you enjoy it." Don't forget to slow down at the right time!

Adventurer: Creative

"That restaurant is newly opened recently! Next time we go to eat ~" you also like to taste everywhere, love to explore new culinary lands? In addition to food, you are usually more daring in other aspects of life, like to find excitement and adventure; at the same time, creative, in the need for creative ideas in the position are able to do, but also because of the fun personality so that everyone likes to be friends with you.

Picky Eaters: Have Stable Relationships

If you are one of those people who pick out what you don't like and don't eat it, you usually have old friends in your life, a stable relationship, the courage to ask questions, and a willingness to pursue knowledge. But eating behavior psychologist Hormes also added that there is in fact a disease called "food neophobia!" refers to the hesitation to try new foods, which research suggests can be linked to their personality traits, such as anxiety or neuroticism.

The isolated person: cautious

Friends who are used to eating one kind of food before proceeding to the next, they are usually a careful, detail-oriented, very principled, a very reassuring person, but many people may not know what is in his mind.

Boghossian also added: "This type of person is less of a multi-tasker, and sometimes there is just a thin line between discipline and conformity, and sometimes it is better to be flexible in time."

Mixed eaters: rich sense of responsibility, a lot of things to take on their own

People who like to mix all dishes and eat different foods in each bite are usually very strong and willing to take a lot of responsibility. This type of person is usually outgoing, friendly, well liked, has healthy relationships, and is willing to spend time with the people who are important to you. But on the other hand, you may have to be aware that sometimes you may want to take care of everything because you want to be a good person, too many things to take care of and do not take care of the priorities.

The spontaneous: good people, and you are comfortable to get along with you

If you are used to drinking, eating meat, eating food from time to time, so you usually have a free spirit, do not worry about how others see you, follow their own tune, have confidence; and this is the reason many people will appreciate you, they like your courage and outspoken, frank personality also let others and you get along very comfortable; but your straightforward sometimes may also annoy some people, remember to do their own and impolite sometimes only a line.

Prepared by: Logical, forward-thinking thinkers

Are you used to cutting up your food before you start eating it? Then you are a typical "preparer". This type of person is usually a brave dreamer, knows how to plan and has the ability to execute, and tends to desire long-term relationships. But good at planning you also do not forget to enjoy the moment.

What you love to eat, also determines who you are

Sweet tooth: outgoing and compassionate

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a study that found that people with a sweet tooth are generally more outgoing, friendly and compassionate than those who love other flavors; however, those who love chocolate may be more emotionally fragile.

Spicy food: more daring and opinionated

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, most of the subjects who were more willing to accept spicy food such as car racing, parachuting and swimming in extremely cold water ...... are spicy eaters. The reason is that the capsaicin in chili peppers stimulates people and makes them excited and willing to take risks, so they are usually bold, assertive and eager to help others. Dr. Keith Kantor, nutrition science, also added: "Eating spicy feeling is burning their lips sense of adventure, like the adventure of parachuting; people who love spicy food are also more tolerant and embrace change than others."

Salty food lovers: more rational and stable

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jen Nash pointed out that people who prefer salty food usually like to get quick feedback, such a mentality allows them to have a competitive career, good at expressing their ideas and opinions, very efficient but easy to feel disturbed by the small things in life, such as traffic jams or long queues.

Acid lovers: Stricter, higher standards

Dr. Jen Nash also recently found that people who prefer to eat acid tend to be pickier and more critical, but on the other hand, they may just have higher standards.

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