Yoga double angle pose, give you a pair of long legs and buttocks

The double angle pose we are sharing today is effective in treating fatigue and is also good for eliminating bulges on the inner and rear thighs.

Let's begin to unlock it.

POSE 1. Standing on the mat in mountain pose.

2. Inhale, put your hands on your hips, jump and separate your legs at the same width as your shoulders, and lift your head.

3, knees up, legs tense, exhale, body bent forward, head down, hands between the legs, shoulder width, as far as possible to let the palm of the hand against the yoga mat, if you can't do it can also be as above, with fingertips lightly touch. Next, breathe in, lift your head and lower your back.

4. Exhale, bend your elbows and touch the top of your head to the ground. Be careful to put your body weight on your legs, not your head. Keep your feet, hands and head on the same line. Hold this asana for 30 seconds and breathe deeply and evenly.

1、People who already have problems with their waist should avoid bending down completely.

2、If your head does not touch the mat when doing the asana, you can also use the yoga block to complete the movement.

What are the benefits of doing Double Angle First Pose?

1、Stretch the muscles on the inner thighs and the back of the thighs

2、Stretching and strengthening the spine

3、This asana can cure headache, fatigue and mild depression

4、Calm the brain

5、Ease mild back pain

6、Strengthen abdominal organs

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