Why is the squat the king of movements?

The squat is the most typical movement pattern of the human body, and is the most muscular participation, the most practical and functional movement. The only comparable is the hard pull. 

It is said that squat is the king of strength training, why?

Because ...... lower limb strength is the source of more than 70% of the body's strength, squatting people do good body strength, squatting can improve the body's athletic ability, daily life, standing and walking hands and feet, solid posture are indistinguishable from the squat.

Fitness to add this action, the whole person's temperament is also different, because ...... squats use the most large muscle groups, almost all the bones are involved in the force, this action has never let people down

So what are the other benefits of this movement?

1. Can effectively improve your explosive force

Explosive force is the ability to burst out as much power as possible in as short a time as possible. The main points of explosive strength training are large weights, rapid force, as much muscle synergy and good neurological conditioning.

2、Can lose fat

Large compound movements, often represents more consumption, the same movement the more muscle involvement, the greater the consumption, like squatting people with high basal metabolism, high basal metabolism is not easy to grow fat, so squatting, is a very effective way to burn more fat action.

3、Deep squat can reduce the risk of injury

By strengthening the lower body and numerous secondary muscle groups, the glutes and lumbar region, if done correctly, can be very beneficial in reducing the risk of injury in any sport, increasing muscle synergy, stability, muscle strength, and strengthening weak points in the range of motion, keeping the risk of injury to a minimum.

4、Effective movements to strengthen cardiorespiratory function

Generally speaking, anaerobic training is not very useful for cardio. But the squat is recognized as a strong heart movement. The practice of squatting will have a hard pull bench press when there is no shortness of breath, shortness of breath, and even dizziness and other phenomena, which is not a bad thing. With the gradual exercise, cardiorespiratory function will also be enhanced.

5、Can effectively improve the bouncing power

There are many ways to improve bouncing power with the most effective movement bouncing power training. Not on the power, completely with bouncing practice bouncing, in a certain stage is also feasible. However, to achieve a stronger bounce, good practice is not squatting. The squat is a comprehensive exercise of the quadriceps, biceps, glutes and calf strength needed for bouncing power, more efficient than pure bouncing exercises.

6、Excellent price/performance ratio

It can be done at any venue and is not restricted in any way. Wherever you are, it can be part of your training.

7、Improve sexual performance

The deep squat is recognized as the best sex-boosting movement in strength training. The reason is simple, it is the most effective in promoting androgen secretion. This point must be many people have personal experience, so I will not say more.

Squatting is not necessary in life, but it is definitely worth your effort.

The action with such a high cost ratio is simply unavailable, but of course it is still useful to act, so hurry up and add it to your plan!

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