What is the difference between a person who never exercises and a person who insists on exercising?

Regular exercise is a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, regular exercise has many benefits for the body.

Such as participating in long-distance running exercise can enhance the quality of endurance, cardiopulmonary function, the quality of the will to improve; participate in sprinting exercise can enhance the speed, lower limb explosive force, coordination and sensitivity and other quality improvement; participate in throwing exercise can effectively improve the strength, speed, coordination and sensitivity of the human body and trunk of the limbs; participate in jumping training can improve leg strength, the development of bouncing power, sensitivity and coordination; participate in badminton training can improve Human body limbs and trunk strength, sensitivity, bouncing power, coordination and correct judgment; participate in swimming training can improve human explosive force, strength, cardiorespiratory function, etc.

Regular participation in exercise can strengthen their immune function, improve the resistance to bacteria and disease, such as long-term participation in aerobic exercise can increase cardiopulmonary endurance, oxygen can fully enzyme body fat, enhance and improve cardiopulmonary function, prevent osteoporosis, regulate psychological and mental state, and regular systematic engagement in athletics, can promote the body's metabolism, coordinate the connection between the nervous system and the locomotor organs, improve the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and other visceral organs, conducive to the growth of human bones, muscles, enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve the functional status of the blood circulation system, respiratory system, digestive system,

Long-term participation in scientific and effective aerobic exercise can delay the aging process, in doing aerobic exercise can increase the body's oxygen consumption, promote metabolism, and aerobic exercise can strengthen the body's cardiopulmonary function, can prevent cardiovascular, heart disease and other aspects of disease, and research has proved that the strength of cardiopulmonary function will directly affect the life of the human body.

People in the full commitment to sports, it seems to forget the pressure and worries of work, this is because sports can distract people from worries and frustrations, but also allow people to let out the depression from the emotions, in sports, there are many surprises, to meet new friends, we become close and familiar, especially in the group sports, we help each other, mutual support and cooperation, can experience the joy of concerted efforts, mutual cooperation, there will be more opportunities to harvest the sincere friendship.

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