Want to improve your physical performance? Try these 4 physical training, experience the feeling never before

In all sports, physical fitness is the most important factor, and physical fitness is absolutely dominant in any training. The definition of physical fitness is very broad and contains many elements, mainly including strength, speed, endurance, agility, etc. These are the basic athletic ability of the human body.

Everyone's physical ability is different, so their performance of sports ability is also different. If you want to improve your athletic performance, then you should start with physical training to strengthen the basic athletic ability of the human body.

Many people think that aerobic training is physical training, but this is not comprehensive. Aerobic training mainly focuses on the body's endurance and cardio, and does not strengthen other elements, such as strength, speed, agility, and so on. So in today's training, we will do a more comprehensive training. Let the physical performance can be improved in all aspects.

Bobby jump is a very common training movement, it is a high intensity training, can increase the human heart rate in a short period of time. For cardiorespiratory endurance has a very good improvement, but also is one of the self-weight resistance training movements, can train to the human body's upper and lower limbs of the explosive force, because of this, it has another name is called the standing support.

Battle Rope is a very comprehensive training movement, it can improve body coordination, but also can improve muscle strength and core stability. And the intensity of the movement is very large, very suitable for those who need rapid fat loss trainers.

And this action is very effective in increasing cardio, a dozen minutes of battle ropes training can make you feel out of breath, through the hands keep swinging the battle ropes, can make your upper limbs all the muscles involved, not only arm force. And because the weight of the rope itself is too heavy, in the process of movement, it will cause a lot of tension on your body, so you have to mobilize the muscles of the whole body to maintain the stability of the body. This has a very obvious effect on the body's core training.

Box jumping training is a kind of training to enhance the explosive power. He has a very large training effect on the explosive power of your legs. In muscle building training, we usually train the muscles of the legs and maximum strength and often ignore explosive power. So here you may want to try this action. Can let you leg strength to get more comprehensive development.

In situ high leg raise is a very common and easy to do one of the aerobic training movements, this action through the rapid alternation of the feet to train, it mainly trains the muscle groups of the lower limbs and leg strength, and the intensity of training is very large, is the primary action to train cardiorespiratory function, but also as fat loss can be the main training action

In training, you can combine these movements to form a complete training program. Perform intermittent high-intensity training patterns. Training intervals of no more than 30 seconds, a set of movements down time of no more than five minutes, which is now very popular in the fitness training mode This training mode, the intensity of training is very high, can achieve very effective fat loss effect, more suitable for trainers who are in the shaping period.

There are many different types of physical training. Any training that can improve your body's function can be called physical training. It is often trained that regular physical training not only strengthens the muscle mass of the whole body. It can also strengthen our immune system. So that we can resist the virus. To achieve the effect of maintaining a healthy body.

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