Remind yourself to "grow two centimeters taller" at all times!

I always remind myself to "grow two centimeters taller" and develop the good habit of "pulling my body up", so that my body is straight and my posture is correct. Some people may think that it's hard to maintain an upright posture, but that's because your body is not used to it and your muscles are not strong enough yet, once your muscles are trained, you won't get tired easily.

The first cause of soreness is "wrong posture". As the saying goes, "habit becomes nature", good habits benefit for a lifetime, while bad habits suffer for a lifetime, and bad posture is difficult to change once it becomes a bad habit. We often say "sitting without sitting" and "standing without standing", referring to the sitting posture is crooked, the whole person paralyzed on the chair, or standing three seven steps, bent back, these are bad posture; in general, all more elegant, more upright posture, is good posture.

The human body has a center line, the body should be symmetrical and resistant to gravity, so we should maintain a balanced, upright posture, so that there is less pressure, less stress, and less distortion, and the burden and damage to the body tissues will be less. If your body is crooked, or the same posture is fixed for too long, certain parts will be stretched, compressed, blood circulation will be poorer, and over time will easily cause soreness and pain.

A good posture should look like this.

Sitting posture.

Working people spend a lot of time sitting, but sitting posture is often incorrect, of course, pain and suffering followed. The most relaxing sitting posture is not to shrink on the sofa, but to sit upright and stable.

The four principles are: head with a pillow, elbow support, back with a support, feet with a step. When you sit in office, if your chair back is higher, can lean on the head, the neck can be more relaxed; elbows can rest on the armrests of the chair or the desktop, a support, can reduce the burden on the shoulders; chair and back between a cushion, help the back muscles to soothe and relax; feet have a place to step, do not hang or cross-legged, thigh muscles will not be compressed. When you sit in a stable manner, you will find that your sitting posture has become elegant and upright, and your whole body has enough support to be more relaxed and comfortable, and naturally less prone to soreness and pain.

Standing posture.

Many people do not stand long and get tired easily because they usually stand incorrectly and are too accustomed to putting all their body weight on the spine. The muscles around the spine lack training and are too weak to help share the weight of the spine, which makes it easy for the discs to bulge over time. This is why people with back pain wear back braces and lumbar support will be less painful, because after your spine is erected by external force, the muscle is more relaxed and does not require force.

If we stand upright, not only can we train the durable muscles around the spine, so that the muscles can help the spine to support the weight and strengthen the muscles, but also reduce the pressure of the weight on the lumbar spine to avoid back pain, so we will not stand for a while and feel tired.

Sleeping position.

Some people say that sleeping on your side with your body bowed is the best posture, but I think there is no standard posture for sleeping, "sleep" is the most important.

Among the various sleeping positions, it is not recommended to sleep on your stomach, because sleeping on your stomach will put pressure on your chest, and when you sleep on your stomach, your head will be turned to one side and your neck and shoulders will be twisted, so sleeping on your stomach is a greater burden on your body. Sleeping is to relax, sleeping position should give enough support to all parts of the body to reduce distortion and compression, in order to be natural and relaxed!

How to develop good habits and good posture?

If you are used to sitting when the whole person shrinks into a ball, or into the sofa, at first may feel very comfortable, but when you finish watching TV, watching the iPad, want to straighten the body, or want to stand up, often feel sore all over, can not stand up, this is because of the incorrect posture lasting, the body twisted, large forces, all the weight added to the spine, it is only natural that the back pain.

In addition, long-term use of one side of the body, such as the habit of using one shoulder to hold the phone when talking on the phone, the computer screen is fixed on one side of the table, you have to tilt your head to see, or always carry the same side of the bag, etc., will lead to muscle asymmetry and cause pain. I suggest that it is best to change one side of the screen every six months, and to take turns carrying both sides of the bag, so that the body can be balanced.

In addition to the habit of using the hands, people are also accustomed to the use of the eyes, accustomed to use the feet, if long-term reliance on a particular side of the limb, muscle strength will be affected, occasionally change sides to improve the body's flexibility and symmetry.

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