You are more impulsive to drink Americano, and your personality is to drink latte? Psychologists from "10 kinds of coffee" to see your personality

People with different backgrounds, work personalities, and life styles have completely different preferences for coffee. Some pay attention to the quality and flavor of coffee beans, some love black coffee, some only drink decaffeinated coffee, and some insist on drinking coffee made by siphon alcoholic lamps. Interestingly, their philosophy of life almost coincides with their choice of coffee flavors.

Black coffee drinkers are straightforward in nature and value efficiency in their work.

Black coffee drinkers like the simple taste, especially the bitter and sweet taste, and are relatively more assertive in personality. If you prefer the taste of heavy roast coffee such as Manteine, your personality is more intense and impulsive. People who prefer sour and fruity tastes tend to be younger. And many older people prefer thicker, can taste in the mouth for a long time coffee.

Blended coffee drinkers are more comfortable and do not like to force themselves to suffer.

People who like to try different varieties of coffee beans mixed into blended coffee, because blended coffee can not drink the unique taste of each kind of coffee beans, personality like to try new things, imagination is rich, also very keen on making friends, but sometimes a little childish. People who can order blended coffee mostly do not like the taste of too bitter, too acidic, personality is more enjoyable and comfortable, do not like to force themselves to eat bitter.

Instant coffee drinkers are easy-going and less adept at planning ahead

Generally speaking, people who drink 3-in-1 instant coffee rarely do so for the sake of tasting the aroma of coffee, but mostly for the purpose of refreshment. Therefore, the attitude of a 3-in-1 instant coffee drinker, like his choice of coffee, belongs to the practical school. They want to see the results immediately in whatever they do, and they don't care so much about whether the results are perfect or not, sometimes even sacrificing quality for speed.

People who drink siphon coffee insist on their own way of doing things and pay close attention to the process of doing things

If the process makes him feel flawed, then even if the result is completed successfully, they still feel imperfect. However, in this era of rapid change, if you stick too much to your usual way of doing things and do not know how to adjust in time with the changes of the times, it is easy to become a stubborn and inflexible person in the eyes of others.

Espresso drinkers have a more decisive personality and pursue a life of intense flavor

People who like espresso have to do everything with a bang, and their sensory needs seem to be stronger, they want to drink the strongest coffee, drink the strongest wine, and eat the spiciest food, otherwise they will not enjoy it. In order to pursue a life of strong flavor, espresso drinkers often explode with the greatest power from the least amount of resources, and therefore, they always walk faster than others and live a more intense life than others. For them, life is like the taste of espresso, strong and bitter.

Latte drinkers usually have a warm and helpful personality

People who like to drink coffee with milk and sugar are mostly gentle and easy-going in nature, especially those who like to appreciate beautiful coffee pulls, many of whom are romantics and pay attention to beauty and atmosphere. Latte lovers are happy to spend their time helping others, but if they spend too much time on others, they sometimes neglect themselves.

Cappuccino drinkers are more concerned about the taste of life, hoping that life can be colorful and colorful

In terms of the ratio of coffee to milk, latte coffee has more milk, while cappuccino has more coffee, with thick coffee topped with foamy milk and sprinkled with cinnamon, the taste layers are diversified. Therefore, people who like to drink cappuccino coffee, more sophisticated taste in life. Do not underestimate a small cup of cappuccino, there are many flavors inside, there are cinnamon, dried lemon slices, and fresh milk foam mixed with the aroma of coffee, just like the cappuccino is rich in a variety of flavors, people who like to drink this flavor of coffee also hope to live a colorful life, so that people will be endlessly recalled.

People who drink coffee from electric coffee pots will not be left to die when others need help.

In many large offices, you can often see coffee addicts using electric coffee pots to make a large pot of coffee, which they can not only enjoy whenever they want to drink, but also share with other people who share their hardships with them. Usually people who share good things with good friends will most likely lend a helping hand when others need them, and will not fail to help. When I was studying in the U.S. years ago, I was often taken care of by the electric coffee pot people. Whenever I was studying until I was mentally exhausted, one of my classmates would hand me a cup of coffee in time.

Independents who grind their own coffee beans are very independent in nature and do everything by themselves and do not like to leave it to others

People who like to grind their own coffee beans are generally very independent, in their daily lives, they like to enjoy the fun of DIY doing almost everything by themselves, from painting walls, organizing the garden to repairing cars, they have to do everything themselves, do not like to leave it to others. The reason why they work so hard, in addition to enjoying the fun of DIY, the main reason is that "only they can do things well", no one can replace them, it can be said that they were born with a hard life, but they are also willing to work hard, will not do while cursing.

Decaffeinated coffee drinkers are perfectionists who care about details and are more likely to feel worried

People who like to drink decaffeinated coffee mostly pay close attention to health, although they love the taste of coffee, but do not want to risk any little life, so they have to choose the taste but not the essence of decaffeinated coffee. Similarly, their style of action is also risk-averse, do not like any bad consequences in life, care about the details of the perfectionist, sometimes may be too rigid details, coupled with trying to control the development of things, and therefore more likely to feel worried.

Mood changes coffee choice with the change

Psychologist Devasra stressed that personality and coffee type are not exactly equal, people who are used to drinking black coffee may sometimes try simple instant coffee, and many people are used to drinking several types of coffee alternately.

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