Even the skin can not be wasted! Bananas are not only anti-depression, help to lose weight, but also 6 major benefits

When it comes to bananas, people who want to maintain a good body shape may say, "It is the best food to eat after exercise, it can replenish both carbohydrates and proteins, and it is also the most suitable fruit to assist in weight loss!" People with health concept may say, "Banana is a fruit that can prevent depression." All of the above statements about bananas are correct.

Bananas have high nutritional value, clear heat, quench thirst, moisten the lungs and smooth the intestines

Bananas are sweet and cold in nature, and have the function of clearing heat, generating fluid to quench thirst and moistening the lungs and slipping the intestines, clearing heat and detoxifying the body, diuretic, decongesting and antifetus.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids and blood in the stool, you can wash the banana peel to ensure that no pesticide residue remains and then stew it with the peel. As bananas are cold in nature, it is recommended to peel a ripe banana, cut it into pieces, put it in a bowl of water with rock sugar, and stew it in a pot with water for one hour.

Bananas have high nutritional value, but these 3 types of people better eat less

However, bananas are cold in nature, so people with a weak stomach and spleen, such as those with frequent stomach pains and diarrhea, should eat them sparingly, and those with too much stomach acid should avoid them. It is recommended that people with fractures eat less bananas because their bodies are relatively weak when they are fractured, so it is best to wait until they have recovered before eating them, as this is less likely to cause soreness in the muscles and bones.

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