Hot soup with protein food to consume calories! 7 rules for eating after 10 pm without gaining weight

The earlier you eat dinner, the more calories you can consume, for weight loss, of course, the earlier you solve the dinner, the better, but for people who are used to sleeping at 11 to 12 p.m., eat before 8 p.m., whether it is for weight loss or health is the best. It is important to note that it is not "can not do this to lose weight.

If you can only eat late at night because of various factors, pay attention to the following points, you can still slim down successfully.

1. Try to eat something small at 6~7 pm

At this time, metabolism is still very strong, so it is better to eat a little something simple to cushion your stomach; if you can't spare the time, you can simply eat some nuts or cheese.

The next six points mentioned are "eating in the middle of the night (snack) meal style".

2. Start eating with something rich in dietary fiber

It can inhibit the rapid rise of blood sugar and prevent the overproduction of insulin, which increases the body's neutral fat, as long as this is done, even if you go to bed immediately after eating, fat is less likely to accumulate in the body.

3. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate food

Because carbohydrate food will make a rapid rise in blood sugar, so less intake of some of the weight loss is better. If you go to bed immediately after eating, the sugar in the blood (carbohydrates) can not be consumed, but will be directly converted into fat, stored in the body, so do not eat too much, try to eat only half a bowl of rice is good, the other half bowl of the amount, the use of natto or kimchi and other foods rich in dietary fiber to replace; in addition, in white rice mixed with brown rice or mixed grain rice, is also another way to make blood sugar less likely to rise In addition, mixing brown rice or mixed grains with white rice is another way to make blood sugar less likely to rise.

4. Eat foods with protein

This is because protein is active in producing muscle, eliminating muscle fatigue, and improving metabolism, while also increasing the "dietary thermogenic effect (DIT)".

5. Be sure to serve with hot soup and have a sip before eating

The combination of "hot soup" and "protein-containing food" will help you burn off as much of the calories you just ate as possible.

However, although protein has this effect, it is not okay to eat a lot of roast meat late at night. Too much protein is not only the culprit of fat formation, but it also takes longer to digest meat, which will put a burden on the stomach and intestines and make the quality of sleep decline.

It is recommended to eat small amounts of protein foods, such as soy products like natto or tofu; if you want to eat meat, it is best to limit it to less than 50 grams. In addition, fish with blue backs such as sardines, mackerel or swordfish are rich in essential amino acids, DHA and EPA, which can reduce unsaturated fatty acids from cholesterol, in addition to protein, and are especially recommended.

Spicy foods also have the effect of increasing DIT, so you may want to eat kimchi and other foods with protein foods, so that the calories consumed on the spot.

6. Avoid eating fried food

Deep-fried foods are not only high in calories but also difficult to digest, making it easy to get stomach pains and making it difficult for people to sleep at night. If possible, change the diet of "eating pork chop curry rice late at night" to "half a bowl of rice mixed with brown rice, grilled mackerel, cold shredded burdock and miso soup", and this alone can have a great effect on weight loss.

7. Chew slowly and taste carefully

When eating late at night, often because of the desire to go to bed early and unconsciously eat very quickly. It is very important to chew slowly and taste the food carefully, not only to prevent eating too much, but also to reduce fat storage, and more importantly, to get "satisfaction".

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