Yoga can lose weight? Four misconceptions so that you can not lose weight

Yoga weight loss can be thin? The movement is not standardized, it is not thin. Yoga movements and aerobics or weight loss dance is not the same, yoga has a lot of bending, twisting and stretching movements, it is difficult to standardize, but also requires methods and skills. From no contact with yoga friends, their own learning with the video, in fact, it is difficult to guarantee the effect.

1. The more vigorous the warm-up, the more adequate?

Yoga is a static posture, the practice of breathing and meditation, the inner mind needs to be calm to complete. When warming up, if you choose dynamic dance or aerobics, your mind and muscles will be too excited and it will be difficult to enter the condition required by yoga.

2. Sweat more the more weight loss?

Yoga is not just about postures, it is about breathing, meditation and the integration of mind and body. At the end of a yoga class, we should feel relaxed, refreshed and comfortable from the inside out, not sweaty.

3. The higher the difficulty of the movement, the better it is?

There are many yoga poses, beginners can start by learning simple poses. If the poses are more difficult, some of you may find it hard to complete them.

4. Just beautiful movements?

When you practice on your own, you focus too much on the movement itself, often neglecting meditation and breathing. If the practitioner does not understand the body and the limits, it will increase the possibility of injury. Some people think that asana practice is the most important and only care about whether the posture is beautiful or not, not about the posture and breathing.

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