What you need to know about Battle Rope!

Battle rope, also known as fighting rope, was first used by some MMA and UFC fighters to train their core muscles and explosive power. Later, we found that the battle rope not only can improve cardiorespiratory function, muscle building and fat loss effect is also first-class, this fat burning tool only popular gym.

The diameter of a battle rope is usually between 1 - 2 inches and the length is between 4 - 10 meters. The larger the diameter and longer the length of the rope, the more difficult it is to train. The general gym does not provide this item, but in the boxing gym and some physical fitness studio must find it ~ you can also buy their own suitable rope, in the outdoor open field training.

Battle Rope training is known as a "comprehensive training tool" for physical training, because it not only enhances muscle strength, but also has amazing training benefits for balance, stability, explosiveness and other comprehensive physical skills. The "big rope" course, twice a week, once an hour, 30 seconds for a group. Different movements alternating exercise, you can core strength, cardiorespiratory function, muscle to get a certain degree of training!

Then the next, we have to popularize the use of this rope, we learn a little!

1、Shake off the difficult to lose the meat

Look forward with your chest up, legs slightly bent, hold the rope head.

2、Shake out the sexy waistline

Core tightening, pay attention to breathing, maintain body balance.

3、Shake out the buttocks small thin legs

Not easier than lifting iron, self-weight plus rope weight, shake up the right!

Six major training effects.


Whether it is a novice or a trained veteran, the items we train need to have a stable foundation.


The rapid change of power between the moment, so we can harvest from the explosive power.


From the exchange of right and left hands, the overall coordination will also improve.


From the deep squat, straddle squat, left and right shift in the change with training, because the instability is more, balance is a key.


This is a muscular endurance-based training, so it will help our muscle lines more saturated.


On the above points, we can easily see that this is a sport that consumes a lot of physical strength.

What are you hesitating for? Battle rope shake it up!

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