Squat, jump rope, simple, effective and easy to last

The most powerful sports equipment, but also can not guarantee that your exercise will be able to meet the target. A trainer at a celebrity gym in New York City offers conscientious advice: to make exercise a part of your life habit, you can exercise anywhere, anytime. Bar, squat, jump rope, are three of the most easy to integrate into life, simple and effective exercise, does not require too much equipment, can be done at any time, so it is also the easiest to sustain.

"Instead of having participants try complicated exercise equipment, we should be teaching them the basics of cardio strengthening." Emily Samuel, a trainer at Dogpound Gym in New York, believes that people of all ages should learn to exercise in a way that works for them. Such exercises do not require exercise equipment, but rather exercises that can be done with bare hands and at any time.

"Simple means you can do it anytime, anywhere." The elliptical machine and other sports equipment are multifunctional and complex, "but that's not a grounded way to exercise," Samuel said. She believes that exercise is a reflection of everyday life, and that doing it whenever and wherever you are free is the only way to ensure that it is done properly and is a healthy habit.

Jump rope: all muscles can be used

Jumping rope is easy to carry, inexpensive, and has almost no restrictions on where you can jump. Jumping rope is easy to learn and can improve balance, endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness, as well as make the body more agile. As long as you master the basic skills of jumping, children, adults and seniors alike can enjoy the benefits and pleasures of jumping anywhere, anytime.

Jumping rope can make your heart beat faster in a short period of time, which is good for training your heart and lungs. Jumping rope can burn 125 calories in 15 minutes, which is better than swimming, cycling or playing tennis. As for the jumping rope will hurt the knee, jumping rope only in situ jumping vertical force, combined with jumping feet at the same time to bear the reaction force, the impact force is lower. At the same time, rope skipping can train the lower limb muscles, including ankle, knee, hip muscle groups, once the muscles are strong, more will not hurt the knee.

What is the most appropriate length for a jump rope? Hold the handle with both hands, step on the center of the rope, bend your elbows or vertical, and straighten the rope with both hands to the armpit. When jumping rope, use the forefoot to jump and land, especially when touching the ground, avoid using the full foot or heel to reduce the shock to the brain. When jumping, the body does not need to deliberately bend, just keep natural.

Rope skipping plus warming up once about 15 minutes, can be jumped twice a day, you can achieve a daily 30 minutes of exercise, quite suitable for the time fragmented office workers.

Squat: Increase lower body stability

The correct squat is as follows.

Deep squat will use the whole body, especially the lower limb muscles, to help burn fat, strengthen the core muscles, increase jumping power and so on. People who do not have a sports base, first open the feet wider than shoulder width, the thigh bone can be rotated open, so that the pelvis tilted forward, increasing hip mobility, better squatting; people with sports habits, the feet can open to shoulder width. Deep squat when the back should be straight, otherwise the lower back pressure will be too large.

Deep squat before the preparatory movements: unarmed squatting against the wall, so that the head, neck, waist against the wall, practice so that the front and back of the thigh muscles are contracted to help stabilize the joints.

Each deep squat can do 8 to 10, rest 10 to 20 seconds in between, and repeatedly do 3 rounds. After the squat practice, but also with water bottles and dumbbells and other equipment for weight training to enhance the exercise of upper limb muscles.

The squat can also be advanced to a jump, which is a jump with the foot extended at the lowest point of the squat. However, deep squat jumps have a greater impact on the knees, so people with related problems should consult their doctors and trainers beforehand.

Plank: A full-body exercise supported by a flat plate

Plank is a common core training exercise with elbows on the ground, torso straight, and abdominal and hip strength. The correct movement is: the body kneeling on the mat, palms facing up, elbows and shoulders vertical and wide, chest open, feet kneeling. Hands in fists, so that the elbows and fists together with the power of downward support, both feet straight back on tiptoe, in a stick position. To avoid the shoulders and elbows are not always on the line, the body is too far back, so the arms will be too much force. Also, if the hips are too low or too high, the core muscles cannot be used correctly.

Plank exercise with breathing, generally maintain 30 seconds to 1 minute. Dan John, a veteran fitness trainer and columnist for Men's Health magazine, said. "Two minutes max, not much longer.

Samuel suggests that after practicing the plank, you can add push-ups to strengthen the pectorals, triceps, deltoids and core muscles, and train the shoulders, arms and spine.

What can I do about the exercise stagnation period?

After a period of exercise, you will often encounter a period of stagnation, resulting in a delay in weight change, and some people are even frustrated and discontinue their exercise habits. At this time to increase the number of sports, adjust the exercise time, and modify the diet is the solution to break through the stagnation period.

Increase the basal metabolic rate to help burn calories, and basal metabolism and muscle mass related. Each kilogram of muscle can consume 75 to 125 calories. Aerobic exercise based on cardio alone will not help to increase muscle mass. It is then necessary to weight training as the main training muscle strength, and further improve metabolism.

Many studies have confirmed that exercise can enhance physical function, reduce dementia, cardiovascular disease, mental and emotional stress. Simple exercise is easier to implement and becomes a natural daily habit in life.

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