How much sleep should be enough?

Generally speaking, how much sleep should a normal person get in a day? 6 hours? 7 hours? Whenever this question comes up, people are always debating. The International Sleep Foundation has published a statistical report in the journal Sleep Health, compiling expert opinions from different countries and formulating a recommendation on the number of hours of sleep for different ages.

The foundation convened 18 experts from 12 different groups to form a multi-disciplinary team model meeting to review 312 scientific papers related to the sleep cycle across a 10-year period and to assess the extent of the impact of deviations from recommended sleep. Medical organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Geriatrics Society, and the American Psychiatric Association were among them.

After nine months, four meetings, and two votes, the ideal number of hours of sleep for different ages in good health was finally decided, and the results are shown in the table below.

Lauren Hale, an assistant professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University and one of the editors of the journal Sleep Health, reminds that sleeping more or less than the recommended number of hours will affect physical and mental health. The incidence of mortality, cardiovascular disease, mental illness and cancer may increase. Although the appropriate number of hours of sleep varies with individual habits and physical conditions, generally speaking, this indicator has some reference value.

She also suggested that parents should create a good sleep environment for their children from an early age, reducing the light and sound in the bedroom is the simplest and most effective way.

The ideal number of hours of sleep for different age groups

0~3 months newborn14~17 hours6~13 years old School-age children9~11 hours
4~11 months infant and toddler12~15 hours14~17 years old Teenagers8~11 hours
1~2 years old toddler11~14 hours18~64 years old Adults7~9 hours
3~5 years old preschooler10~13 hours65 years old and above7~8 hours

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