Do you have a tendency to depression?

Do you have a tendency to depression?

1. Feeling sad, anxious or empty all the time or most of the time.

2. Suicidal thoughts.

3. Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and uselessness.

4. Losing interest in or feeling bored with things you used to love, including sex.

5. Sleeping too little or too much.

6. Eating less than usual, not dieting but losing weight, or eating more than usual and gaining weight straight up.

7. Can't be quiet, or easily irritable.

8. There have been some health problems that cannot be cured by doctors or medication, such as headache, chronic pain or constipation.


If you find yourself with 4-5 of the above symptoms, especially the first two, and the symptoms persist for more than two weeks, you are likely to have depression.

If you have fewer symptoms, it is best to talk to a professional, as this may indicate a mild depression that needs to be prevented from turning into a major depression.

How can I help myself if I have depressive tendencies?

  • Be kind to yourself: Break up time-consuming and stressful tasks into smaller segments and stop when appropriate.

  • Reduce stress in your life: Try to identify the behaviors that make you feel the most stressful situations, and if arriving late is likely to cause considerable stress, resolve to arrive early.

  • Fixed exercise: 30 minutes of exercise at least three days a week will make your mood significantly better within a few weeks.

  • Maintain a routine: Find a routine that works for you, and then try to keep it the same.

  • Self-education: The more you know about depression, the easier it will be to deal with it.

  • Avoid alcohol and drug abuse.

  • -Be aware of your own thoughts: Listen to your inner thoughts during depression and don't judge or worry about whether they are "right" or not.

  • -Get in touch with people: Do things you normally enjoy with people, such as watch movies, play ball, or go to concerts.

  • Give yourself some time: Depression is not a simple illness that can be cured overnight.

Remember, you can get better, and this is a theorem, not a special case.

Dispel the 5 big doubts

Doubt 1: Everyone is happier than me

The truth is: other people are often annoyed and bored just like you. When you are bored, why not talk more with your colleagues, old friends or family members, you will find more new ideas to break the boredom, instead of being stuck in the same place.

Doubt 2: Indecisive about work choice

In fact: Research shows that on average, each person faces career decisions 3 to 4 times in their lifetime. It is recommended that you list your interests and strengths and think about what you want to do most. What can you do at this stage? What kind of person do you want to be in the future?

Doubt 3: Having money makes you happy ......

The truth is: having money can really do a lot of things, but it does not necessarily mean that you have happiness. When you have time to look through the biographies of strange people, some people do not have money, but live a wonderful life.

Doubt 4: I have someone who loves me, but why do I still feel bored and unhappy?

If you are still bored in love, ask yourself: How much effort did you put into this relationship? Are you always adding fuel to the fire in the intimate relationship and keeping the residual heat?

Doubt 5: It's too late to pursue your dreams

The truth is: no matter how old you are now, if you take one step forward in the direction of your dream, the boredom will be one step away from you.

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