Why not let children eat chocolate? Nutritionist reveals "health culprits" parents should pay attention to

Pure cocoa butter has many benefits, but commercially available chocolate has many refined sugars and additives

Are children really not allowed to eat chocolate? In fact, pure cocoa butter has many health benefits, such as the "methylxanthine" in dark chocolate can improve cognitive function and make the mood happy; caffeine content can increase the speed of visual processing, flavanols also help to improve visual response time, spatial memory, etc.. But the commercially available chocolate is put into a large number of simple sugar and additives of concentrated pure chocolate.

Refined sugar makes blood sugar soaring high children over high, artificial coloring fears trigger overactive

The refined sugar and artificial coloring in candy and chocolate are the culprits that endanger children's health. When too much refined sugar is consumed, it is digested and transformed into simple sugars in the body, which will make children's blood sugar too high and overexcited, and also affect the regular sleep pattern and weaken children's ability to control themselves. Studies have found that artificial colors such as lemon yellow (tartrazine), acid red (carmoisine), food yellow No. 5 (sunset yellow), food blue No. 1 (brilliant blue), food red coloring No. 6 (ponceau), etc., as long as they are consumed for more than a week, may trigger Children's hyperactivity. In addition, commercially available air-packed snacks have more additives than nutrients, so it is better to eat less.

Make a shopping list for the elders to avoid conflict over strong words

Therefore, it is recommended that parents do not use candy as a reward, which in fact is not a reward for children's health, but fruit, milk and other nutritious foods as a reward. If there are elders who need snacks to help bring up their children, give them a list of what they can buy directly and avoid using words like "don't give" to cause conflict, such as cereal milk, dried fruits, cookies with fewer additives, etc. At the same time, tell the elders that coke and tea contain caffeine, which will make the children not grow taller, and that the elders are usually more accepting when it comes to developmental issues.

Children should have a balanced diet and it is recommended to choose foods rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids (such as nuts) to maintain healthy brain cognitive function. Choose fiber-rich carbohydrates to stimulate serotonin production in the brain and to maintain normal insulin and blood sugar levels. Avoid refined carbohydrates that may interfere with normal sleep and mood control in children. Eat foods rich in vitamin B complex (e.g., leafy greens), vitamin C (e.g., orange and red fruits and vegetables), magnesium (e.g., beans, leafy greens), and protein (e.g., lean meats, soybeans and their products).

Suggestions for selecting snacks

1. Snacks can choose unsalted nuts, fresh fruit and other foods to replace the intake of junk food. 2.

2. Avoid alcohol, which can have a depressing effect on the brain and lead to emotional instability.

3. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine (such as coffee, tea or caffeinated beverages, such as Coke), because caffeine increases anxiety and agitation, and also affects the sleep situation.

4. Take the kids out for a walk and move around! It can reduce stress hormones, increase happiness, improve sleep, and improve overall health.

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