There are 3 tricks to reduce body fat, doctors: 2 weeks to see the effect

If you eat the wrong diet and not with exercise, what you lose is not fat, but the muscle that is important to your health. How to lose fat most effective?

Many people know: weight loss is important to lose fat, not muscle loss. If you reduce the calorie intake at the same time, the protein ratio is not correct, the exercise omitted weight training, each loss of 1 kg, the loss of muscle mass up to 10%. Therefore, when setting up a fat loss program, pay attention to the diet and exercise program adjustments, in order to lose the body fat that should be lost, to retain the muscle that should not be lost.

Where is the body fat?

The general term body fat refers to subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Excess visceral fat in the abdomen and liver and gallbladder increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

But too little body fat, the body can not maintain normal function, dangerous to health.

Adult men's body fat rate is 17% to 23%, women from 20% to 27%, are considered a normal range. Men over 25% and women over 30% are considered obese.

Fat loss is not effective look at the waistline to know

The American Council on Exercise points out that it is not impossible to lose 1% of body fat in a month by reducing carbohydrate intake, coupled with regular moderate exercise.

The American Board of Obesity Medicine also pointed out that although the efficiency of weight loss varies, but generally speaking, fat loss as the goal of weight loss program, indeed the first 2 weeks after implementation, including waist circumference, body fat and body weight will begin to reduce. "When body fat begins to decrease, it is usually reflected first in the change in waist circumference." American Academy of Obesity Medicine researcher Wickham B. Simonds said.

Effective fat loss 1: reduce carbohydrates

Eat less refined carbohydrate food, such as white bread, white rice, pasta and white noodles, the most obvious effect of body fat reduction. "Refined carbohydrates make blood sugar rise quite quickly, accelerating insulin secretion and activating the body's fat storage mechanism." The body's fat storage mechanism is activated," Simonds said. Choose whole grains that are not overly refined, such as brown rice, oats, groundnuts, potatoes and beans.

Effective fat loss 2: cardio exercise, retraining

Weekly moderate exercise accumulated 150 minutes or more, can strengthen the cardiorespiratory function, to achieve fat loss effect. The National Health Agency defines moderate exercise as: continuous engagement for more than 10 minutes can still talk smoothly, but can not sing, will make people feel a little tired, breathing and heartbeat faster than usual, will also sweat some. In addition, you can carry out 2 times a week the whole body weight training, can effectively preserve the muscle mass.

Effective fat loss 3: preserve muscle Protein is indispensable

Fat loss at the same time to pay attention to the amount of protein intake, in order to ensure muscle mass and strength. In general, the recommended daily intake of protein is 20 to 30 grams per meal.

Get body fat data, more accurate measurement in the morning

To lose fat, the tracking of body fat data is indispensable. The device called "dual energy X-ray absorber" (DEXA), can accurately measure body fat. General household body fat and weight meter, the measurement principle is to release a weak electric current to the whole body, from the degree of electrical conductivity to estimate body fat. This kind of "bioimpedance analysis (BIA)" measurement method has a lot to do with the amount of water in the body, and the results of the measurement may be different in the morning, in the middle of the day and in the evening, which is relatively easy to be inaccurate. Simonds suggests that the time to use a home body fat and weight meter is in the morning before fasting, before starting to exercise, and when the body still retains a certain amount of water. It is best not to wear clothes and jewelry.

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