The 6 reasons why yoga is popular around the world

We all strive to be happy and healthy, but most of us are in a hurry and ignore ways that require a certain amount of effort but will maintain our health for a long time. To get healthy, to improve your temperament, and to be at peace with yourself, yoga is an excellent choice. Yoga not only stretches, strengthens and harmonizes the entire body, including all the glands and organs in the body, making the body healthy, but also cultivates a state of mental peace and emotional stability. The focus on the health of the whole body and mind is unique to yoga. Yoga is non-competitive and can be practiced by everyone within their own abilities. In addition, yoga is suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions.

1. Shape and beauty

Yoga is a way to get to know your body better (both externally and internally). Different yoga postures combined together can benefit every physiological system and organ of the body.

Yoga postures combined with unique breathing techniques have unparalleled shaping capabilities. Yoga is a healthy and safe way to shape the body because yoga postures are slow, gentle, and comfortable, avoiding the damage that other strenuous exercises may cause to the body. As the essence of exercise passed down through the centuries, almost all yoga postures stimulate the body's potential and vitality. By bending, leaning back, twisting, lying down and supine postures, part of the asanas stimulate and massage the spine, bones, joints, internal organs and muscles to correct bad postures. A part of the asana can fully expand the chest and stretch the muscles of the arms and legs, helping you to create slender arms, long legs and tight hips.

2. Fat burning and body slimming

Yoga stretches can effectively lengthen the muscles on both sides of the body and accelerate blood circulation, playing a fat-burning role. For example, the twists and turns in yoga are particularly effective in eliminating bulge in the waist and abdomen. Shoulderstand poses in yoga stimulate the relaxed thyroid gland to release hormones, speeding up metabolism and smoothing blood circulation, thus accelerating fat metabolism in the body.

Yoga emphasizes that each posture should be maintained for a certain period of time, and then with the depth of breathing, can train the muscles and parts that are not easily exercised in normal exercise, the whole process of seemingly gentle exercise can actually consume a lot of calories and fat.

Yoga asanas can also play a good role in regulating the cerebral cortex and subcutaneous center, the plant nervous system, so that the control of diet feeding center function normalized to prevent over-eating, prevent obesity. Yoga can also effectively eliminate obesity caused by excessive mental stress and endocrine disruption.

3. Healing and health care

The yoga postures allow the body to fully absorb oxygen, increase the amount of oxygen in the body, improve the quality of blood, allow the blood to flow smoothly to all parts of the body, revitalize cells and improve immunity.

Regular practice of yoga postures can cure diseases. Yoga postures with breathing, through the stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, can improve the flow of blood, adjust the body and mind; yoga postures can also balance the secretion of various glands, strengthen the lymphatic system and enhance the immunity of the body; yoga postures are effective in treating lumbar spine pain, lumbar disc protrusion, indigestion, constipation and other diseases; yoga postures, through the activities of the muscles and joints of the whole body, can relieve the pain of the muscles themselves. Yoga asana can balance the autonomic nerve, smooth the autonomic nerve function, and effectively relieve neurosis.

4. Detoxification and beauty

Poor blood circulation, liver stagnation, gastrointestinal blockage, etc., will cause the accumulation of toxins. A large number of toxins can not be expelled from the body, easily lead to dull skin, dark spots and so on. Yoga asana can make you lighter without toxins: asana with deep breathing can increase the intake of oxygen in the body, which is conducive to purifying the blood, promoting blood circulation and speeding up the discharge of toxins in the body; it can massage the internal organs, so that the liver can be relieved of stagnant gas and eliminate blemishes; it can strengthen the function of the kidneys and thoroughly improve the dull, yellow and gloomy complexion. The stretching movements in the asana method can enhance the function of the heart and lungs, so that you have two strong vitality and a rosy complexion; the abdominal exercises can strengthen the metabolism, clean the stomach and intestines, and eliminate constipation. Yoga can make people's skin become firm, elastic, face moist, become confident, elegant.

5. Stress relief and relaxation

The pace of life today is getting faster and faster, and people are under more and more pressure. The right amount of stress can give us motivation, while too much stress can be overwhelming - not only will you feel sick and stressed, but your body will be overloaded and tired. Yoga can free the body from stress, because deep relaxation training will allow people to focus on the body, brain and emotions, more effective in combating stress; adequate flexibility training can effectively prevent and relieve muscle tension; yoga asana with moderate deep breathing, can eliminate stress caused by chest tightness, to achieve emotional stability, quiet and peaceful state, because breathing and emotions are closely related to the brain The meditation training in yoga can enhance the practitioner's patience, clear the mind and strengthen his or her ability to cope with stress.

Yoga cultivates optimism and contentment by teaching practitioners how to tap into their own energy reserves, so that they can radiate health and happiness from the inside out.

6. Cultivate the body and mind

Yoga enables people to experience the beauty of body, mind and spirit as one. After a period of yoga practice, you will find that a stable and joyful posture in yoga can achieve a high degree of unity of breath, movement and awareness, bringing you spiritual peace. After you have changed from a restless mind to a peaceful mind, you will feel immensely relaxed and happy, both physically and mentally, and you will face the world with an easy, calm and happy attitude, and your body, spirit, self and environment will be more harmoniously unified.

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