Good sleep position big public! Sleeping on your back and right side is the best

Many people are troubled by insomnia, and insomnia affects all aspects of mental, emotional, memory and physical health, so what is the best sleeping position?

Lie on your back.

Theoretically, the sleeping position of lying on your back has the least burden on the spine, you can try to open your arms and legs about forty-five degrees, when the muscles will be able to get a full relaxation stretch. For people who are used to lying on their backs, it is more important to choose the right pillow and mattress.

Sleeping on the side: sleeping on the right side

As the human heart is located on the left side, in order to avoid greater pressure on the heart when sleeping, so sleeping on the right side is more ideal than sleeping on the left side. Suggested side sleep in the "lion king lying" method

Lion King lying posture: head and upper body should be slightly tilted forward, the right leg naturally extended slightly bent, the left leg is more bent than the right leg, the left leg from the knee above the thigh over the right leg, the left leg below the knee calf and foot is naturally placed behind the right leg, the left hand is also naturally extended, palm down, gently placed on the hip joint, the right hand palm up, naturally extended on the pillow, a little space from the head, we must pay attention to the position of the elbow, should not be pressed by the body.

In addition, the correct sleeping position can even help in the treatment and rehabilitation of some physical diseases.

Sleeping posture can be adjusted according to the point of view of disease care. For example

1. Patients with snoring and sleep apnea.

Sleeping on the side can reduce the obstruction of the upper airway, so that the tongue, the drape and other tissues do not collapse backwards and obstruct the upper airway, which can effectively improve snoring and reduce the frequency of respiratory arrest in some patients. Some studies even point out that raising the angle of the head (about 30 degrees) can also improve snoring and sleep apnea.

2. Patients with cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and hypertension.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach, because once you lie prone for too long, face down movement, in addition to the pressure on breathing, but also affect the smooth flow of blood circulation.

3. Patients with foot edema.

The end of the bed can be raised, the end of the body elevated to increase blood flow back, can avoid the foot edema situation aggravated.

4. Patients with low back pain.

When lying on your back, you can put a pillow of moderate height under your knees to facilitate the bending of your legs and mattress at about 60 degrees, so that your back can be comfortably attached to the mattress, or you can also put a small pillow under the lumbar spine for support.

Basically, very few people are only one sleeping position for the whole night, the general public in sleep, often automatically change sleeping position, sometimes may be a variety of sleeping positions will come in handy, but the point is, no matter what kind of sleeping position, must allow themselves to adjust to a comfortable sleeping position, so as to help stabilize the quality of sleep.

The psychologist reminded that if there is no any special physical disease mentioned above, in fact, there is no need to pay too much attention to specific sleeping positions, should be mainly relaxed and comfortable.

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