Fat will be converted into muscle? Can we gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Can't gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Nutrition balanced calories appropriate, after training stimulation, your muscles get enough nutrition can grow, but there is no problem of excess nutrition to cause fat accumulation, and fitness exercise is "burn calories", you can also lose fat at the same time.

But there is no problem of excess nutrition to cause fat accumulation again, and fitness exercise is "calorie consumption", you can also lose fat at the same time.

For you to carry out muscle building, practice block, eating time also can not be ignored.

Common pure weight loss: diet or aerobic exercise to consume calories + reduce calorie intake = you will become thin, but easy to give up also easy to rebound fat!

Gain muscle and lose fat, one can not be missing!

Want to get rid of fat while building muscle lines, we must do cardio, strength training can not be missing, whether you are a soft girl or a hard man.

Because of exercise, calorie consumption protein also with the consumption + lack of weight training + nutritional deficiencies = muscle loss.

When you lose muscle, the metabolic capacity becomes poor, the body's ability to consume calories becomes poor, becoming fat-prone body.

So basically dieting or pure aerobic weight loss even if you really let you lose weight, but your body's muscles are also eliminated.

You have to re-practice, why take this wasted road? So the beginning of weight loss must train muscle.

Metabolic capacity becomes stronger can also help to lose weight, weight loss and figure with half the effort.

How do I make a plan?

First of all, we must understand their own goals and physical condition.

You think you are a little fat want to lose weight, then you can do some aerobic exercise, such as hiit, running, swimming, cycling, are very good exercise to lose weight.

You think you are very thin, want to gain muscle, then you have to do strength training, such as doing curls, push-ups and other muscle-building movements. Or at home to buy a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells and other simple equipment for exercise.

If you feel good figure, fitness to increase physical health, then you can aerobic strength together with practice, cardio can increase cardio capacity, increase physical fitness. Strength training can increase muscle lines, so that your body becomes better.

How to choose food for muscle gain and fat loss?

The three causes of increased body fat are: excess caloric intake, excessive dietary fat and excessive intake of carbohydrates. Reduce the amount of fat in the diet. For bodybuilders, the only way is to choose fat-free protein, such as egg whites, fish and high protein powder.

After 6-7 days, add a little more fat to the diet by replacing fat-free protein foods with lean red meat and chicken. This will increase the amount of fat in your diet and provide essential fatty acids, one of the substances necessary for muscle growth.

Does fat turn into muscle?

Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. These are two completely different things, like oil and water.

Muscle is a good thing, as long as you exercise will use muscle, even if you do not move, muscle will also be normal consumption of calories, you can imagine into the engine, the more muscle, the more calories burned every day, the less likely to be fat, healthy "thin body", when people enter adulthood, if you do not pay attention to exercise, muscle is lost year by year, the loss of too much muscle caused by the results are many, the most common is the metabolism becomes lower, will gradually become the "fat body" that people fear, some women who do not know what to do, by dieting to lose weight, and then lose more and more fat, rebound super fast, you are losing precious muscle!

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