Children before the age of 3 to do these, children's character without defects

Children absorb not only the climatic conditions of the region in which they live and the customs and other national cultural traditions of the region in which they live, but also the personalities and languages of their parents who raised them, and form their own psyche. In the first few years of life, children rely on this "absorbent mind" to acquire various impressions and cultural patterns about the world around them, transform them into part of their own psyche, and form their own personalities and behavior patterns on this basis.

0-3 years old is the stage of unconscious absorption of various information, is the stage of laying the foundation of character, in order to have a good character, from birth to create a good atmosphere for the baby environment. A good atmosphere will allow the child to have a cheerful and lively, positive character, a bad atmosphere will allow the child to grow up with a mental defect. So it seems that a good atmosphere environment can bring good character to children. How to have a good atmosphere environment? Please refer to the following points.

Parents care about each other, take care of each other, help each other, support each other, and respect each other.

No abusive language among family members. Montessori said in "The Secret of Childhood", 1-3 years old is the child's language sensitive period, this stage children learn language absorption quickly.

The whole family eats together, plays together, unites.

Does not interrupt and listens well.

When an adult goes out, everyone else in the family knows where to go and how long it takes to get back.

Family members consult on major decisions in the home.

They are consistent in their attitudes and do not let their children be confused by the words of each parent.

Allow children to be autonomous and free, but not restrict them too much.

Lead by example. Parents' words and teachings directly affect the child's personality, parents are irritable, the child absorbs is also irritable, parents show what character weaknesses, the child will absorb what weaknesses. Therefore, parents must continue to improve their own cultivation and quality, to set a good example for their children.

Children with low self-esteem

However, most parents pay attention to the cultivation of their children's physical qualities and intelligence, and provide their children with adequate material and learning conditions, but neglect the cultivation of their children's good character.
The first period of character formation is infancy, before the age of three, and the second period is before the age of six, so the problem of character is basically the age of three. Nowadays, many children show laziness, poor self-awareness, strong dependence, lack of interest in anything, weak will, poor resistance to setbacks, etc., although they are very smart, but the learning effect is not good.

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