Can you lose weight by doing yoga?

Yoga to many friends will no longer be unfamiliar, as a kind of internal and external training to cultivate the body, the efficacy and role of yoga more embodied in the shape and body softness, in layman's terms, excess fat through the movement has been dispersed to all parts of the body, so that the body shape looks very beautiful. Through a period of exercise, long some muscle, so yoga is usually known as fat loss not weight loss.

Poor weight loss effect

Yoga has always given people relaxation, relief, release the effect of pressure, and pressure and other factors can not be ruled out as the cause of obesity, so yoga has a certain effect of weight loss. In addition, yoga practice yoga can promote blood circulation, can make the body smooth, and thus well play a role in the control of physical obesity, and if simply use yoga to achieve the purpose of weight loss and slimming is usually unsatisfactory.

Combine with other methods

Because obesity and food and lack of exercise have a great relationship, because the exercise characteristics of yoga in the digestion of fat is not as effective as running, swimming and other aerobic exercise, so we should pay attention to the combination of other ways to exercise. In addition to pay attention to the dietary structure adjustment, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits instead of high heat and high fat things, to better ensure that the better effect of promoting weight loss.

Through the above introduction, I think many friends on the practice of yoga can lose weight problem has been understood, the relevant aspects of the expert reminded, yoga is how to lose weight has a role, but the effect of yoga alone to lose weight is poor, can not achieve the desired effect, so it is necessary to must be combined with other treatments, and better ensure the effect of weight loss.

Weight loss yoga precautions

Yoga weight loss is now a more popular way of urban women to repair the body, but reckless learning yoga not only can not play a good effect of repairing the body, but on the contrary, there may also be a potential danger of physical harm. In order to make better yoga practice to achieve weight loss, health effects, beginners should pay attention to the following matters. Choose the right type of yoga for yourself, in the process of practice is not shy is very important.

Find the right type of weight loss yoga for yourself

There are many types of weight loss yoga, not every kind of yoga is suitable for you. Each yoga studio provides certain free experience courses. You can first experience, and then make a decision. Do not blindly believe in the recommendations of others, choose not suitable yoga to lose weight, not only can not achieve the effect, but also let you hurt the body.

Do not be ashamed of the body

Advertising yoga people are slim, but regardless of a person's waistline, can practice yoga. In fact, studies show that yoga can help people lose weight and avoid gaining weight. It can also help stretch your body and build a perfect body!

Mind is the most important

Compared with a set of yoga practice clothes, a professional mat, the most important thing is to have an open, calm mind. Practice should be free of distractions.

No need to go to the extreme

You may have seen yoga practitioners twist their bodies like noodles, but that's just the best part of the practice. Even if you are naturally stiff, your body will become more flexible through practice. Also, you should know that yoga is not just about postures, but also about breathing and relaxation.

Don't be misled

In order to prevent potential bodily harm and to prevent being misled, choose a teacher who is professionally certified and experienced. Professional teachers will not only lead you to complete the correct weight loss activities, but also in other aspects of life and diet to give you advice, so that your weight loss yoga to achieve the maximum effect.
Pay attention to hydration

Before and after doing weight loss yoga to pay attention to replenish the body with sufficient water, so that your body can effectively achieve the detoxification effect! And promote the body's metabolism, so that the body is in the efficient period of weight loss.
Yoga is a very good way to lose weight, soft stretching movements will be able to help you promote metabolism, burn body fat, easy to build the perfect body does not require too much effort.

What are the misconceptions of yoga for weight loss

Only the soft body is suitable for the practice of yoga

Because the practice of yoga, the body has become soft, but not the body is suitable for the practice of yoga, which is the misunderstanding of most people on yoga. Yoga is all about moderation, not about the magnitude of the posture, as long as the practitioner does his best to receive the desired effect.

Yoga is only suitable for women

Although yoga is very popular among women, it is not exclusive to women. In fact, men need yoga to relax and relieve stress. Almost all of the Indian masters of yoga are men, and in the West there are no fewer men than women who follow yoga.

Asana is the most important practice

Many people only care about the beauty of their asanas, but do not pay attention to the coordination of postures and breathing and meditation, while yoga is the internal and external practice of body, mind and spirit. Meditation and breathing are the most important. When the mind is calm and healthy, the body will be healthier.

Yoga is stretching

Yoga is a combination of mind and breath to complete the postures, a combination of movement and stillness. It is not simply stretching. Yoga is not about flexibility like dance or acrobatics, but about energy balance, using the breath to move the body. The deeper you breathe the more your body stretches. The inner breath helps you to open up the flexibility of your body. This is more about feeling flexibility than physical flexibility.

Save money and time by practicing at home

Many yogis like to practice at home by themselves, following a CD or book, because they don't have time to go to the studio or for other reasons. This is not a good idea, especially for beginners.

When practicing on your own, you will focus on the pursuit of the postures themselves, thus neglecting meditation and breathing. If yoga learners do not know their own bodies and do not know their own limits, they will fall into a blind practice and increase the chance of injury.

Sweating after practicing yoga

It is best to wait half an hour after practicing yoga before taking a shower. Yoga is about energy balance, if you take a shower immediately will disrupt this balance.

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