Avoid the 5 major misconceptions to get rid of the fat!

Women want to keep their beauty forever, even if it is extended, then fitness is indeed the best choice for women

Please do not work out without any basic knowledge of the situation, the beginning to understand the training and diet rules is a must. For weight loss girls, these 5 misconceptions may be the key to hinder your success.

Misconception No.1

Ignore the warm-up and stretching exercises

Before training to do stretching exercises, but before stretching to warm up. First, do 10 minutes of low-intensity pedaling. This will not only reduce injuries, but it will also increase body temperature before doing heavy exercise.

After the body tissues have warmed up, you can do another 5-10 minutes of stretching, especially for those muscle groups and body parts that may be used.

Misconception No.2

Too single training method

A variety of training is good for you, it can make your body function in a balanced development. Although aerobic exercise is good for enhancing endurance and cardiovascular system, it has less effect on growing strength and strengthening the body.

Try different trainings: kettlebell, Pilates, fighting, Salsation, etc.

Only when you force it, your body will change, that is to say, the more you exercise, the greater the change. And if you repeat the same exercise program for a period of time, your body can only train one or two parts, while some other parts and muscle groups are not adequately trained. This way your body will be very difficult to maintain a balanced shape, the body condition is difficult to achieve the best.


1. Always change the movement, number of sets, frequency and rhythm of the training

2. Try different training: kettlebell, Pilates, yoga, boxing, combat, etc.

3. Not always in the indoor fitness training, climbing, cycling, outdoor activities can make your body to achieve a better state

Misconception No.3

Over-reliance on aerobic exercise

Most women have a very wrong view: cardio makes you thin, strength training makes you strong.

This concept is unbelievable!

If your muscle weight as a percentage of your body weight goes up, your metabolic rate goes up, which means you burn more calories while you sleep. Remember: cardio will not give you the body you want!


1. Start planning a systematic strength training. 2.

2. Schedule a week of cardio training that suits your intensity and follow the plan.

3. Often change the way of cardio, such as cycling, running, jumping rope, swimming, etc.

Misconception No.4

Taking in too few calories

Although the diet needs to be careful, but not so extreme diet. Research shows that consuming less than 800 calories a day can be harmful to your health. Make up enough quality protein is in the fitness at the same time to help health.

Excessive dieting consumes the first muscle, but fat is not consumed, so you feel lighter, but not less fat. Next the body will only reduce its own metabolism to save more energy, in this case will not achieve the effect of fat loss.


1. In your healthy diet based on the increase in your exercise.

2. Every day at least to ensure their own minimum metabolic rate of caloric intake of calories, women 1600 calories, men 1800 calories or so.

3. Make sure your intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats in a meal is scientific.

Misconception No.5

Set unrealistic goals for yourself

For example, you hope to lose 5kg of weight a month, you can set for a month to lose 2-5kg of body weight, enhance physical fitness, reduce the proportion of body fat, so you give yourself some weight outside the benchmark to compare.

Women love to compare with the success stories around them, but your friend can lose 7kg a month, does not mean you can do it, because your previous preparation or your physique are different. Your road to fitness must be a person walking, others can motivate you to teach you, but certainly not for you to complete.


1. Set fitness goals that are quantitative, qualitative, and written down.

2. Do not compare your goals with others.

3. Implement your fitness plan day by day and take pictures to record it. If you do not achieve your goals, please do not get discouraged and persevere.

I hope you through the above 5 aspects of girls fitness help, do not blindly follow others fitness, to go to a professional fitness coach to guide you, fitness coach will be based on your body condition to develop a fitness plan.

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