Weight loss starts in the "morning"! Dietitian: 9 good habits in the morning to continue to burn fat

It is not easy to lose weight, especially when the number on the scale increases instead of decreasing, it will force the willpower to collapse instantly. In fact, each weight loss program has different variables, we must always fine-tune the diet and lifestyle. Nutritionist listed nine habits suitable for implementation in the morning, can improve the efficiency of weight loss.

Weight loss process has a "Weight Loss Platea", that is, in the implementation of diet and exercise program, the weight no longer down, and sometimes even upward. Why does this happen? It has to do with the body being accustomed to the same diet and exercise routine.

There are many reasons why body weight stagnates, including caloric intake below basal metabolic rate, fluctuating amounts, and a body that can easily cope with the intensity and frequency of exercise.

To improve these omissions in the weight loss program, a little change can actually work. Rachael Link, a certified dietitian in the United States, offers suggestions, and they are suitable for implementation in the morning.

A protein-rich breakfast

The nutrition and calories provided by breakfast are crucial to the quality of activity and weight loss throughout the day. Increase the proportion of protein in the breakfast to 40%, it will help to increase the feeling of fullness, reduce the secretion of hunger hormone (ghrelin), but also help to prevent the accumulation of visceral fat, improve the basic metabolic rate.

Protein breakfast includes: eggs, cheese, tofu, dried beans and other soy-based products, sugar-free yogurt with fresh fruit and grains, or a shake made with whey protein, bananas, berries and nuts.

Drink enough water

Get up and drink a glass of water at room temperature to help increase calorie consumption and prolong the fat burning effect. Water can also suppress appetite and reduce the amount of food intake. According to an American study, drinking 500 c.c. of water can increase the basal metabolic rate by 30%. Scholars also found that overweight women drink 1 liter of water a day, 1 year later can reduce about 2 kg of body weight.


Sunlight can help the body synthesize vitamin D, so that the body can easily lose weight and reduce the chance of regain weight. The sun is warm and fresh in the morning, so basking in the sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes not only relaxes the mood, but also improves the quality and duration of sleep.

Weigh in the morning

When you step on the scale early in the morning, you will have a good idea of what to eat today, and you will be more aware of the amount of food and calories you eat during the day. Several studies have pointed out that people who have the habit of measuring weight in the morning, weight loss results are generally good. One of the results show that people who weigh every day, 2 years down 4.4 kg, the control group of people who weigh once a month, but gained 2 kg.

Prepare your own lunch as much as possible

A survey in the United States pointed out that eating lunch prepared by yourself 5 days a week, compared with people who only eat 3 times a week, the chance of overweight is reduced by nearly 30%.

Flexible Commuting

Occasionally, if you don't drive, take public transportation to and from work, get off a few stops earlier and walk or bike to the office instead, which not only helps you lose weight, but also changes your mood and reserves more positive energy. A study of 10,000 people points out that people who walk or bike to work have relatively lower BMI and body fat.

Exercise in the morning

There are many benefits of exercising in the morning. The results of a number of small studies point out that aerobic exercise in the morning is more effective than other periods of weight loss, more stable blood sugar after eating, and improve the feeling of satiety after meals.

Write diet diary

Record what you eat from morning to night, can effectively manage the diet plan, improve the efficiency of weight loss. Many studies have shown that people who do record their diet diary, weight management effectiveness is really much higher than those who do not write, and the rate of regain weight is also lower.

It is not necessary to keep a daily record 365 days a year, just take a week to write down every food you eat in detail, you can better understand your eating preferences, and help you adjust your eating habits.

Positive Meditation

Focus on the present moment, stabilize the mind, in addition to eliminating distractions, but also help weight loss. 2015 a study pointed out that regular meditation meditation people, weight loss effectiveness can be increased by 68%; as many as 19 studies also show that people with meditation habits, it is easier to improve eating disorders behavior.

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