Weight loss ≠ fat loss, muscle gain ≠ fat gain, these fitness knowledge do not understand, how do you still exercise?

1, what is aerobic exercise, what is anaerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise means that we exercise in the case of an adequate supply of oxygen, the main energy for physical exercise comes from the body's sugar and fat oxidation produced. That is, in the exercise process, the body inhaled oxygen and demand equal, to achieve a state of physiological equilibrium. Its exercise time should be longer than 20 minutes of medium intensity, rhythmic continuous uninterrupted, the whole body large muscle groups involved in the movement of a kind of exercise. General aerobic exercise is low intensity, long duration of exercise.

Common aerobic exercise are: walking, jogging, climbing, swimming, cycling, aerobics, etc. Usually aerobic sports consume body fat, which is beneficial to exercise the body and weight loss and slimming.

Anaerobic exercise is the muscle in the "lack of oxygen" state of high-speed intense exercise. Most of the anaerobic exercise is high load intensity, transient strong exercise, so it is difficult to last a long time, and the fatigue elimination time is also slow. The biggest feature of anaerobic exercise is: the intake of oxygen during exercise is very low. Due to the speed and explosive force is too fierce, the body's sugar can not be broken down by oxygen, and have to rely on "anaerobic energy".

Common anaerobic exercises are: short distance running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, tug of war, muscle training, etc. Anaerobic exercises can enhance muscle strength, improve the body's adaptability, is the main source of increasing muscle.

2, muscle gain is not equal to fat gain, fat loss is not equal to fat loss

The ultimate goal of muscle gain is to increase the amount of muscle, the purpose of fat loss is to reduce fat in the case of maximum preservation of muscle. The core concept of muscle gain is the science of anaerobic exercise + excess nutritional intake + excess recovery, muscle gain period does not encourage a large number of aerobic. It is inevitable that fat will be hoarded during the muscle building period, which is why bodybuilding is divided into a season and a non-season.

3、Lose 20 pounds of pure fat, how long does it take?

A person who weighs 160 pounds wants to lose 20 pounds of fat, only need to ride a bike for 100 hours. If you do not want to ride a bike, walking 270 hours of road also. If you think 270 hours is too long, you can also jog 110 hours or play 145 hours of tennis. In short, any of the four choose the same good, weight loss friends see the future of it.

4, the hottest abdominal movements - sitting abdominal curl

If you want to practice abdominal muscles, it is best to roll the abdomen. A group of 20, do 5-10 groups. It is difficult to insist at the beginning, must not be lazy, in strict accordance with the action requirements to do. Volume abdominal to fast, open to slow, even if the middle of a slight pause. About a month and a half down, the abdomen will become quite firm. If you add 40-50 minutes of jogging every day and a low-fat diet, abs are just around the corner!

5、What is super group?

When the exercise of two or more opposite roles of the relevant muscle parts of the action to do in succession (for example: after doing the upper arm biceps "curl", immediately followed by the upper arm triceps "bench reverse flexion"), no interval or a very short interval, this is called a super group. When one of them is practiced, it is beneficial to promote the elimination of fatigue in the other part of the muscle, because it is in line with the principle of neurological function.

6, muscle - is to slow down the aging of nuclear weapons

People who do not regularly participate in physical exercise at the age of 20-25 years to reach maximum muscle strength, and then every 10 years will lose about 10% of muscle weight and muscle strength. 60 years old, the loss of muscle strength will accelerate. As we age, not only does our athletic ability decline dramatically, but we also have difficulty coping with everyday life. The people who regularly participate in strength training can keep their muscles in optimal condition until they are over 60 years old. Build a muscle, is to slow down the aging of nuclear weapons!

7, girls menstrual fitness tips

  • 1, menstruation should avoid too cold, too hot stimulation (cold shower and sauna), especially the lower abdomen is not easy to cold, in order to avoid menstrual pain or menstrual disorders.
  • 2, the first and second day of menstruation should reduce the amount and intensity of exercise, exercise time should not be too long.
  • 3, not easy to do strenuous exercises during menstruation, especially strong vibrations, increased abdominal pressure movements, such as sprinting, jumping (strenuous gymnastics), excessive load strength exercises. In order to avoid excessive menstrual blood or affect the normal position of the uterus.
  • 4. It is generally not easy to swim during menstruation to avoid infection caused by the invasion of germs when the self-cleaning effect of the reproductive organs is reduced.
  • 5, with dysmenorrhea, excessive menstruation or menstrual disorders, menstruation should reduce the amount of exercise, intensity, and practice time, or even stop exercise.
  • 6, during menstruation can not do abdominal massage.

8, how to do fat loss without losing muscle?

  • 1, the process of fat loss should be slow, follow the gradual process. Do not expect a day, two days, a month, two months to lose excess fat on the body. Once you do so, it will be easy to quickly lose weight, but the actual consumption is your muscle.
  • 2, do not do excessive aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can indeed consume fat to the body energy, but it will also consume muscle to the body energy. It is generally recommended that an aerobic exercise time control in about 40-60 minutes is appropriate.
  • 3, during the fat loss, you can increase the high intensity interval training (HIIT). Because HIIT is an excellent training method to build pure muscle and construct muscle tissue. In the weekly training to add 1-2 HIIT training, can maximize fat loss. At the same time can also promote your body fat naturally burned by improving metabolic levels, especially when you do the right diet.
  • 4, eat high quality, high protein food. For example, fish, shrimp, protein powder, beef, chicken breast, etc. After a long period of aerobic exercise or strength training, the body is supplemented with high-quality, high-protein foods, the best reward for the muscles. These high quality, high protein foods can maximize muscle replenishment, as well as minimize muscle loss.

9, want to lose weight, you must eat on time!

The latest survey shows that people can achieve the effect of weight loss through the correct three meals a day period to eat. Therefore, weight loss friends pay attention to, three meals a day is very important ah! The best breakfast time is 7:00 a.m.; the best lunch time is between 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.; the best dinner time is before 7:00 p.m.

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