Weight loss does not depend on weight! When the body has these 4 signals, that you are becoming thin

Many people always overweight during weight loss, that weight loss is the effect of weight loss, weight loss is not down is no effect of weight loss.

However, such recognition is relatively one-sided. Weight loss process, if your muscle mass has improved, the amount of fat has decreased, this time the weight may not change, but your body is slowly becoming better.

The body fat percentage is the key to reflect the fat and thin, weight can not scientifically reflect their own body condition. A fitness muscle man has a good-looking muscle line, although his weight is overweight, but he does not belong to the obese people, because his body fat rate is very low. 

So, in addition to body fat percentage, we can also verify the effect of weight loss from what signals? Weight loss does not depend on weight! When the body appears these 4 signals, that you are becoming thin!

1. The ability to improve the movement

Adhere to the fitness exercise you start running a few minutes will be out of breath, and persist for a period of time after you will find that the movement can gradually improve, running can stick to 20 minutes, 30 minutes.

With the physical endurance to improve, body fat rate decreases, you will happen to reduce the body burden, no longer so reluctant to exercise, which is a good sign. This means that you can harness the greater intensity of exercise, exercise can help you burn more calories, so you slowly slim down.

2The clothes become loose

Weight loss has no effect, look at the clothes will know. If you wear clothes, you can obviously feel the changes in your body.

For example, when you wear pants, you find that the waistline has become wider, which means that the fat bulge is reduced, and the tight pants and tights are now less constricting.

3The appetite becomes lighter

Many fat people like to eat a variety of heavy, high sugar or fried food, which means your calorie intake will be over the limit, the body is easy to gain weight. And weight loss period need to control the diet, maintain low oil and salt cooking methods, control calorie intake.

The first period of your may be very uncomfortable, can not adapt to such a diet, but persist for a period of time, you will find yourself gradually become lighter appetite, spicy, high sugar, fried food is no longer so eager.

Then congratulations, a lighter appetite means you are more likely to manage calorie intake, keep a light diet to help your health, but also to help the body slim down.

4. Stretching the number of lazybones decreased

Obese people, their own fat amount will also exceed the standard, the body's oxygen consumption will also be higher than the average person, when the body oxygen supply is insufficient, it will make you easily sleepy, always stretching lazy, stretching lazy will improve the oxygen supply of blood.

With the body fat rate down, the body slowly become thin, oxygen consumption will improve, and insist on sports to improve the body's oxygen supply, cardiorespiratory function will improve, this time you will appear more energetic, do not feel tired, stretching, want to sleep.

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