Nutritionists do not recommend eating oats and fruit for breakfast! Want to lose weight to eat the best eggs to accelerate the burning of fat

Many people will eat oats, oatmeal or corn cereal for breakfast; however, the United States super popular beauty nutritionist Dana James believes that too many carbohydrates are not only easy to burn fat. James believes that too many carbohydrates are not only easy to stomach hunger, but also conducive to fat storage. She suggested that eating eggs for breakfast can accelerate the burning of fat in order to help lose weight.

Fruit is not recommended for breakfast

Dana James James said, because the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and cholecystokinin (CCK) will suppress appetite, and the secretion of these two hormones will reach its peak at the beginning of the day, so this time, even if you have not eaten for 12 hours, you often do not feel hungry, and this is enough to explain why you do not eat much for breakfast, but still feel full.

However, just because you don't eat much for breakfast doesn't mean you should only eat fruit for breakfast, because your body will complete the metabolism of fruit within 60 minutes, so you will feel hungrier than before you ate it.

Use fruit as a great snack to keep yourself from feeling hungry between lunch and dinner. However, to kick off your day, you can't use fruit as the cornerstone of the day.

Eat eggs for breakfast to speed up fat burning

If you want your body to burn fat faster, you may want to have a protein-based breakfast, such as organic eggs, a plant-based shake with protein, or chia seed pudding. This is because protein accelerates the chemical reaction of glucagon, and when the chemical reaction of glucagon becomes faster, it will encourage the body to burn fat.

In addition, it has been proven that a breakfast with protein will reduce the total calorie count of food eaten throughout the day. In a study conducted by Harvard University in 1999, participants in the study were allowed to eat ready-to-eat oatmeal, oatmeal grains or vegetable omelette with fruit for breakfast.

After the study participants ate breakfast, the researchers let them eat whatever they wanted for the rest of the day. Although the calorie count was the same for each breakfast, the total number of calories eaten throughout the day on the day the participants ate ready-to-eat oatmeal for breakfast was much higher by 500 to 600 calories compared to the day they ate omelettes for breakfast.

When the same participants used oatmeal for breakfast, the total amount of calories eaten that day was 300 calories more compared to the days when they ate eggs and fruit for breakfast.

Eating oats for breakfast makes you more likely to be hungry

Therefore, no matter how "healthy" you have heard about oats, it is not recommended that you eat oats for breakfast, whether it is instant oatmeal or oatmeal, one of the main reasons is that you will be more likely to be hungry if you eat oats for breakfast.

Because of the ban on eating before breakfast, your body is particularly sensitive to sugar and carbohydrates at this time, so eating only oats, cereal, toast or muffins for breakfast may be beneficial to your body's storage of fat, but not for fat burning.

In the daily meals, breakfast as the least amount of a meal, while allowing the most amount of dinner, the diet should be from small to large portions. Most people are hungrier and more relaxed in the evening than in the morning, and the body secretes more digestive enzymes when it is relaxed and at ease. As these enzymes help break down food, the body's absorption and utilization of nutrients will be better, as long as you don't eat a lot of food before bedtime.

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