No time to exercise? Efficient fat loss on it!

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No time is not an excuse, choose the right way to exercise, let you burn fat efficiently in minutes!

HIIT five advantages

High intensity, continuous fat burning is not a dream!

Short intervals, more intervals, fat metabolism more favorable!

More applicable, even overweight people can do it!

No strain, more fun, better persistence

P.S. HIIT can be done at home without leaving home!

No time, no conditions, is not a good excuse for not going to exercise oh.

Can not draw a complete time, each time to draw a 5-10 minutes always have it, and as long as you move the right, even if only a few minutes each time, a day to two or three times, still let you efficient fat loss, continuous fat burning!

Fitness "busy" and "blind

Fitness, the right direction and the right way, is the key to determine whether you can achieve your goals.

If you choose the right method, even if you only do it for 2-3 minutes each time and only 3 times a week, you can lose as much as 1kg in 2 weeks, reduce your waistline by 1.1%, and increase your resting fat oxidation rate (your body's fat-burning capacity)!

And short time efficient fat burning exercise, it is high intensity interval HIIT!

HIIT short time more fat loss!

So, why HIIT time is short, but has such a good fat loss effect?

Simply put, exercise to burn calories and fat loss effect, not just look at how much fat you can consume in training. Training after a longer period of time, is the key to victory.

Compared to ordinary cardio, high intensity interval training and strength training can still be in a super fat burning state after training, so you are in the process of consuming a lot of fat for a longer period of time, naturally more fat burning, the faster you lose.

The key to sustainable fat burning lies in the EPOC (Excess Post-Oxidation Consumption) that we often talk about!

EPOC, the key to sustainable fat burning

EPOC, mainly refers to the fact that you consume valuable sugar for energy supply during exercise, and after exercise, the body makes up for it in the form of fat-burning fat.

Studies have found that EPOC can reach up to 90% of the total oxygen consumption of exercise, and that all of this energy supply comes from the oxidation of fat. So EPOC is the key to keep your body in super fat burning after exercise.

The more EPOC, the stronger the sustainable fat burning ability, in addition, short intervals, high intensity, are also the key to increase EPOC, and HIIT, with the perfect high intensity + short intervals + multiple intervals, so EPOC higher, better fat burning.

High Intensity

Exercise intensity is high, in addition to the ability to improve fat burning, but also to promote the secretion of growth hormone to help muscle and fat loss, to better stimulate and exercise your muscles, increase lean body weight, not only fat loss effect more durable, but also beneficial to improve basal metabolism, increase daily consumption!

Interval Exercise

Research found that the same exercise intensity and duration, with interval exercise compared to no interval exercise, fat participation in the proportion of energy supply more, can better promote fat metabolism

So, even if you do not have time, or do not want to take the whole time to exercise, each time as long as a few minutes of high-intensity exercise, the same can greatly enhance your fat consumption, so you can lie down also thin!

HIIT is safe and effective for a wider range of applications!

Is HIIT suitable for overweight people?

When people hear about HIIT, they subjectively think that it's all kinds of jumping and running, but when you think about it, it's really too much of an impact for overweight people, and they can easily lose their knee joints, which is harmful to their health.

But in fact, high intensity is not the same as high impact, as long as the two elements of high intensity and intervals are met, it can be regarded as HIIT, and running is not necessarily related, and jumping is not necessarily related.

So in addition to running and jumping, there are many HIIT training very suitable for overweight people to do, such as fast and slow alternating impact of swimming, brisk walking, elastic band exercise, etc.

Overweight people, how to do HIIT?

For overweight people, as long as it is a large muscle group, multi-joint compound exercise (more fat burning, more EPOC), and to ensure sufficient heart rate intensity, it can be used as HIIT training.

Gym cardio such as elliptical machines, climbing machines, swimming; home such as climbing, brisk walking are good choices.

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