Inventory of fitness 7 types, if you do not know these, your fitness goals will be very ineffective

Many people have various misconceptions about fitness, believing that masturbation in the gym is called fitness and the rest is called fooling around. However, the truth is that fitness is not only masturbation, there are other sports are also fitness. What we need is a healthy body, let's look at the classification of fitness, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, choose the right exercise for yourself. And stick with it as the goal.


Parkour is a type of fitness and is a popular extreme fitness sport worldwide. Parkour is a sport that relies on your physical ability to navigate any known or unknown environment quickly, effectively and reliably. Parkour can make itself more agile and responsive, and can also have a higher chance of escape in the event of an emergency. However, there is a greater chance of injury during training.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a competitive fighting sport with extremely open rules. MMA means a combination of various fighting techniques to form an integrated model. MMA training is diverse and can include boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, karate, Jeet Kune Do, and many other techniques.


Yoga, as it is known in modern times, is primarily a series of methods to cultivate the body and mind. Yoga focuses the mind - it is the best method of rest and exercise for students and stressed people to improve their learning and productivity. But yoga poses need to be practiced carefully over time and with experience. When you have a basic understanding of the poses in your head, then use your body to try not to climb on top of each other.


Pilates is a way to relieve the muscles of the whole body and improve the control of the human trunk. It mainly trains the small muscles deep in the body to maintain and improve the appearance of normal activity posture, achieve body balance, stretch the trunk and limb range of motion mobility. Can stretch muscle lines, improve balance and coordination.


Crossfit is a fitness technology system, including physical fitness, strength, explosive power, speed, coordination, flexibility, etc., mainly using a large number of complex exercises to train, crossfit is more conducive to the effective time of the body's overall training, multiple patterns of aerobic anaerobic interspersed training, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, explosive power has significantly improved, this exercise method out of the muscle suitable for a wider range of other sports to provide quality training, so also known as crossfit for overall fitness.


Powerlifting is the pursuit of strength sports, including squats, hard pulls, bench press three major items. It includes the upper body push, lower body push and lower body pull of the human body, and can be said to represent the movement of human body strength. Powerlifting can meet the needs of most forms of labor. Moving lighter objects mainly use the hard pulling method, and moving heavier objects mainly use the deep squatting method. The general pursuit is greater strength.


Bodybuilding is a sport that emphasizes muscular fitness and beauty. Weight training is an important training element in bodybuilding, but bodybuilding does not aim for maximum strength, the goal of weight training is to increase muscle mass and improve lines; on the other hand, controlling body fat percentage is also the focus of bodybuilding. Muscle latitude and muscle line are the main concern.

Fitness in a variety of ways, not necessarily limited to one, we ordinary people fitness purpose is to make themselves better, and not necessarily required to want to compete in sports that higher, faster and stronger. Fitness goals are different, you can choose a different direction to practice, with different training goals. It is good to have a goal to pursue, do not ask another sport with the goal of a particular sport, the development of different directions, different training methods, not good comparison, the only thing you need to do is to train well!

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