How to wear down jacket to keep warm? Famous doctors reveal the key reason: do not wear the wrong

Common sense:How to wear down jacket to keep warm? Famous doctors reveal the key reason: do not wear the wrong

The temperature has fallen sharply all over the world due to the cold spell, and people are wearing heavy coats to keep warm, among which down jackets are the most common, because they are not expensive and quite warm, so they become one of the choices for many people to fight the cold, but how to wear down jackets to really keep warm? The Japanese natural therapy doctor Kawashima Lang taught the correct way to wear, and it turns out that the thickness of the inner clothing is related.

Down jackets and wool quilts are the most popular winter items, because feathers and wool are both heated by body heat and placed in impermeable fabric to expand and form a film that insulates the cold air, so the closer this material can be to the skin, the easier it is to reach the body surface temperature, and the thicker the film will be, the better the warmth will be.

The reason is that many people wear down jackets sometimes feel less warm, it is because they wear a lot of thin or thick clothes, T-shirts and other clothing, so will down jacket feathers do not touch the body temperature, but also can not insulate the cold air, so Kawashima Lang suggested that the thinner the inner clothing, the more warm effect can play.

The Japanese TV station has also done a real test on this, testing the difference in body temperature between a thin shirt inside a down jacket and a thick sweater, and found that people with thin shirts have a higher body temperature than those with thick sweaters by 0.5°C. So next time you use a down jacket or wool quilt, don't wear too thick inside, so you can really stay warm and keep warm.

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