How to deal with children's psychological problems

To solve children's psychological problems, we need to use scientific methods of guidance

Due to the long-standing influence of traditional education, our parents do not have systematic theoretical knowledge of educating their children and their educational methods are not adapted to the developmental patterns of children. To change this situation, parents of elementary school students need to be re-educated in a more systematic way. It is also the responsibility of the society to provide them with the conditions for learning, such as organizing parent schools to enable parents to understand and deal with the relationship between family and children's education, actively create a democratic and harmonious family atmosphere to minimize the number of spoiled and authoritarian parents, so that parents of elementary school students can establish a correct view of education and learn to use scientific methods to guide their children's learning and development.

Be careful with divorce issues

The divorce of parents breaks the tranquility of the original family, leaving children without complete parental love, and many children begin to be psychologically distorted as a result. Parents, when the relationship between husband and wife is not in harmony, for the sake of minor children, do not easily to catch the fashion, divorce. Even if the couple's relationship has broken down, before the divorce, should also be more consideration for the children, after all, the children are innocent, and they are in a period of development, to create a good family life environment is our responsibility.

To cooperate with schools to educate children on mental health

First of all, family education should pay attention to the cultivation of children's beautiful mind, childish mind needs more care. First of all, parents should know that children's minds need more care, and it is every parent's duty to care about their children's mental health from a young age. For example, when an elementary school student is criticized by his teacher at school, he hopes that others can comfort him and persuade him, but after the elementary school student is criticized by his teacher, he will be criticized again by his parents at home, and the child will definitely feel very aggrieved. Therefore, teachers and parents should work together tacitly, with one party taking on the role of criticism and the other party taking on the role of persuasion, so as not to attack from both sides, but to give children the feeling of a "warm family" and family education should pay attention to the cultivation of a good heart.

Second, listen to what your child has to say. Parents are often accustomed to talking to themselves and letting their children listen. In schools, a teacher faces dozens of students, mainly the teacher said, elementary school students have relatively few opportunities to talk, and even fewer opportunities to speak psychologically. The family should be a place for children to talk psychologically, parents should pay attention to the opportunity to talk to their children, especially introverted children, parents should pay more attention to encourage children to talk more. Parents should not ignore the exchange of ideas with their children because they are busy at work. It is recommended that busy fathers should eat together with their children at least 3-4 times a week, as the topics at the dinner table are often more relaxed, and it is the most beautiful and warm time when children talk and parents listen.

Lastly, tolerance and discipline are both important. There is no unanimous opinion on whether it is better to be lenient or strict with children, and in reality the lessons of failed homeschooling are often too lenient or too strict. Parents should treat their children equally, in the tolerance of children at the same time to give children the necessary restraint. Too lenient will fall into indulgence, too strict will fall into unloving. Parents should understand the truth that a child's happy character will not be developed in the sound of reprimands, and that timely praise from parents can help children develop good character more than other material rewards.

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