Aerobic exercise time, how long is the best time of day exercise?

Aerobic exercise for a longer period of time does not necessarily have a better effect

In terms of low intensity aerobic exercise, with the extension of time, the proportion of fat energy supply will increase, that is, the longer you exercise, the more fat you will lose. In the aerobic exercise adhere to about 30 minutes, the free fatty acid content in the blood to reach the highest point, the proportion of fat energy supply also reached the highest. Therefore, it is generally recommended that moderate intensity aerobic exercise should be adhered to at least 30 minutes. High-intensity aerobic exercise consumes a lower percentage of fat. Fat loss for the purpose of the people should do less high-intensity aerobic exercise.

Strength training mainly consumes glycogen for energy, the proportion of fat consumption for energy is lower. But this does not mean that strength training can not lose weight. In the exercise process, the fat-burning ability of aerobic exercise is clearly superior to strength training, but the fat-burning effect of strength training lasts for a long time, and eventually in 24 hours, even more than low-intensity training. From this aspect, sometimes half an hour of strength training effect may also be better than an hour of moderate intensity aerobic exercise.

The reason why the longer the exercise is not necessarily better, there is another reason is that the aerobic exercise for a long time, the body consumes protein for energy ratio will also rise. Fat loss more, reduce muscle also more. Muscle reduction, the body's basic metabolism will decline, it is more difficult to lose weight.

In addition, too long exercise will make the body tired, and even lead to muscle strain. Long hours of exercise so that a large amount of lactic acid accumulation in the body caused by muscle fatigue, soreness, spasm. Therefore, exercise requires a combination of work and rest.

How long is the best time of day to exercise?

How long a day of exercise need to refer to your exercise purpose. If you exercise is for weight loss and fat loss, then you can do a longer period of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, it is recommended that a 40 minutes to 60 minutes. Strength training after the aerobic exercise time can be a little shorter, about 30 minutes can be. If you are not fat, exercise only to gain muscle, then you can do more strength training, about 30 minutes each time.

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